The Amazing Best Aerocart Wheel Barrels 2019 (Review)

best Wheel Barrels

Do you frequently engage in physical domestic maintenance work or constantly in the garden tending to the greens or orchids. If so, you must be aware of the need for wheel barrels or a plastic cart to convey your tools and supplies, or even to help move mulch or fertilizer.

In addition, being a seasoned gardener or domestic construction worker, you might be familiar with the constant breaking of the so-called plastic carts either due to their cheap design flaws or improper usage and stress.

Such issues leave most gardeners craving a lightweight steel wheel barrel lowes that doesn’t cost a hand and leg and is very sturdy and durable.

Aerocart Wheel Barrels

Moreover, as the years roll by and our physical strength wane, we begin to notice how heavy things like the regular lowes wheel barrels can be and additionally how difficulty balancing a single wheeled wheel barrel can be.

This posts a huge problem for the physically weaker people, those living with disabilities but want to indulge in such activities and for the elderly who love tending to their outdoor gardens.

This increased concern in catering to this class of people has led various audacious design firms to brainstorm innovative solutions that would make household haulage and gardening easy for this lot.

Their designs often center about dynamically versatile yet lightweight wheel barrels.

On Amazon, one of the early learning points we noticed during our rendezvous researching wheel barrel carts was the fact that various barrels existed for various customer sets and need the base.

Thus there was a plethora of carts, each with its own unique distinction and competitive advantage.

Since our primary aim was to review and recommend a wheel barrel for use domestically to save the spine from a frequent manual strain, we established a core ranking selection matrix.

This matrix made use of four selection criteria to adequately rank the most effective and versatile domestic wheel barrel.

The first criteria considered was the barrel’s lightweight. Given our focus on domestically used carts, considering the weight of these carts is crucial as most domestic tools or implements are lighter than their industrial or commercial counterparts.

Wheel Barrels

Also, the second we considered was the cart’s versatility. Its ability to be used in various instances and to be adapted to various solutions such as lifting items from the ground up, wheeling items in its cargo tub etc.

Moreover, the third was its aesthetic appeal, referring to the level of detail that went into each piece and ranking them based on their most outstanding features and what support their uniqueness aesthetically.

The fourth we considered was the cart’s affordability. The standard high-quality wheel barrel goes for about $300, which is a really pricey investment for a cart, however, its quality speaks for it and other competitors with lower price points most often have their tradeoffs.

Upon conclusion of the matrix, it became evident that the WORX Aerocart wheel barrel ranked best in this regard.

Another crucial problem that this wheel barrel solves is common to the general population living in detached houses; Insufficient garage storage space to house both a wheel barrel and a dolly.

Furthermore, from our time invested in reviewing this WORX Aerocart wheel barrel, it became obvious that it was designed to assist young or elderly women with the passion for gardening or domestic maintenance work but that possess little mechanical power.

On all these set criteria fueling the matrix, this cart ranked the best and it currently sells on the How it ranks its price

Worx is a distinguished brand that specializes in garden and lawn equipment, headquartered in Charlotte.

The hardware firm’s history can be traced back to 1994 when its founding company Positec Tool’s corporation was founded.

Subsequently, the firm has released multiple innovative power tools and gears selling in some of the largest retailers from lowes to Walmart and even Costco.

Aerocart Wheel Barrels Key Features

WORX Aerocart wheel barrel sports certain novel features that make its market dominance verifiable and logic, some of these are contained in the following capability buckets:


This wheel barrel achieves immense versatility by having a dynamic work system that allows it converts from a barrow for moving dirt and compost into an extended dolly for bulkier domestic hauling.

It also sports a sling lift system that can be activated once converted into the dolly to be used to lift boulders, flower pots, and even cylinders.

Included in the cart are the following straps; cylinder holder, flower pot strap, mesh rock mover and bag holder.

#Ease of conversion

To convert this cart into any of its inherent modes, certain features like its fold-out extension arm should be folded or unfolded to accommodate the various domestic lifting needs.

Aerocart Wheel Barrels review

This cart balances on 2 wheels, as opposed to the conventional single wheel and its conversion, is done totally tool-free thus ensuring it can be converted almost instantaneously.

#Storage and Lifting capacity

This wheel barrel sports a 3 cubic feet cargo tub capacity for moving soil, dirt and other smaller items that might fit perfectly therein.

Also, its all-steel sturdy design offers a 300 lbs. lifting capacity.

Its add-on extension arm has an 80 lbs. capacity for carrying smaller but bulkier items that could be cumbersome to the elderly.

#Ergonomic Design and Aesthetics

The cart is designed with utmost ergonomic consideration as it sports a novel and patented center of gravity shifting technology.

This allows the wheel barrel to change its center of gravity automatically to allow for reduced impact on its bearer; converting a 200 lbs. lift into a 17 lbs. feel.

Nevertheless, the cart sorts immense aesthetic appeal, having a properly accented color scheme. Its silvery coated steel cargo tub is complimented with orange colored handles and rims that makes for immense contrast.

Also, its noninflatable wheels are black while its auxiliary features are powder colored black, thus ensuring the device is aesthetically appealing.

Aerocart Wheel Barrels Reviews Roundup

The major noticeable feature this cart possesses is its slim design, giving it a width smaller than the regular wheel barrels.

best Wheel Barrels

The major reason for this might be to allow easy access through standard doors and staircases.

Overall, the wheel barrel lowes is a highly recommended purchase for light domestic lifting or gardening.

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Its price point and versatility makes a solid argument.

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