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the flower cart

Do you constantly fancy and adore the great outdoors? or so fascinated with the thoughts of decorating your living space, patio or garden with colorful and naturally astonishing orchids or flowers. This need can be met effectively with the use of an astonishingly durable and fancifully decorated the flower cart.

Or do you already have an existing collection of indoor plants that somehow seem to get insufficient sunlight and ambiance, thus leading to their poor performance?

The solution to this problem is to use a customized flower cart that can be used to prop up these plants to receive adequate sunlight and to give your decorated plants the right decorative finishing.

In light of the globally agreeable problem or challenge of carefully displaying, decorating and arranging your potted plant by active plant enthusiast and botanists, certain audacious designers and manufacturers have taken up the tasks to create strikingly amazing the flower carts.

flower carts review

These firms have made major advances and innovations in terms of materials used in fabricating these carts, for example, the sun-cast carts to other interesting joining and finishing processes.

To ascertain the viability of these solutions and products, our team proceeded to conduct research and review of the most promising solutions.

On Amazon only, we discovered quite a substantial amount of similar flower carts.

Selecting a most suitable cart for this article proved to be a conundrum, however, we were able to come to a conclusion because we established certain criteria for ease of reference.

These adopted selection criteria focused around three prongs.

The first was the flower cart’s aesthetic appeal – this refers to how stylishly and elegantly decorated each of these carts were. How much care and details were given to its base, legs, buttresses etc.

Our reason for prioritizing this feature is because the flower cart’s main purpose is to beautify and augment the physical appeal of the flowers it carries.

The next criteria we considered was the flower cart’s structural rigidity – this refers to the mechanical strength each of this carts poses that is contingent on their choice of materials used in constructing the carts, the level of finishing and detailing and the design structures put in place.

These factors ultimately lead to the flower cart’s carrying capacity and the ability to withstand pressure due to constant use.

In addition, the third criteria used was affordability – given the fact that these flower carts are designed and manufactured to establish a better aesthetic appeal and structural support for potted plants.

flower carts

Hence, it is crucial its price point remains relatively affordable for the price sensitive potential buyers and plant lovers can afford to treat their plants appropriately.

Moreover, the fourth criteria we considered during the research was the carts multi-functionality, this was a measure of how suited the flower cart was to being used in diverse settings, locations, and arrangements.

Some are better suited for patios, lawns, gardens or even indoors dependent on a mix of factors such as their design, materials, corrosion resistance, and durability.

Nevertheless, from our careful observation, we were able to notice that the flower cart attracts more design conscious and focused nature lovers and tree huggers looking to house and arrange a wide array of plants on a single cart.

The Sorbus Garden Flower Cart ranks as the best in all these categories because of the level of thought and intentionality given to its design parameters that ensured it is aesthetically appealing, very sturdy and structurally rigid, highly affordable in comparison to other alternatives and it comes in various colors that can serve both indoor and outdoor settings.

Furthermore, the Sorbus Garden Flower Cart currently sells for $46.99 on the Sorbus Store on Amazon.

The brand Sorbus, although named after the popular mountain-ash deciduous shrub, is a leading organizational and storage product design and manufacturing firm with a reputable presence on major online platforms such as Amazon.

With a wide range of home products, the firm utilizes innovation and intriguing designs to improve its brand reputation since its inception since 2010.

Sorbus Garden The Flower Cart Key Features

To highlight the success of this cart in our ranking system, it is necessary to publish its key features for reference sakes and these are:

#Ease of Assembly

One key feature of this flower cart sports is its ability to be easily assembled from its carton for direct use or demonstration.

This functionality comes from its modular design that enables each part can be assembled and disassembled to create a flat pack structured furniture.

Moreover, the level of assembly required is minimal and is hastened by the use of a 4mm Allen wrench

#Structural strength

The structural integrity and strength of this cart stem primarily from its use of wrought iron in its construction.

This iron is powder coated to provide ample corrosion and wear resistance.

the flower review

Also, its joints are created to sport perfect fits, thereby eliminating issues of wobbling or misfits and reducing the instances of product returns.


The multifunctional use of this cart can be seen in the fact that it can be used to hold various substances or items such as photo frames, flower pots, garden tools, books etc.

Although it was primarily designed as a flower cart, various customers can convert its use to more crucially needed storage functions domestically.

#Aesthetic Appeal

This Sorbus Garden Flower Cart is designed to be the focal point in every setting it is deployed, whether in the patio, in the garden or even in the hallway, its Parisian styled outlook ensures it gains and sustains visitors and friends’ attention.

This outstanding aesthetic appeal makes it a perfect gift for more design-conscious friends and relatives such as spouses or mothers and particularly to those involved in tending to flowers and plants.

#Storage capacity

Upon full assembly, this cart measures 31″ L x 10″ W x 25.62″ H approximately and weighs only about 5 lbs. which is very lightweight for its size.

It sports six levels of plant holding tiers and each tier has the capacity to store about two flower pots depending on the size.

This immense storage capacity makes its purchase a no-brainer for those conscious about achieving space storage for their flowers and plants.

Sorbus Garden The Flower Cart Reviews Roundups

As a testament to this Sorbus Garden Flower Cart’s commercial success, on its Amazon store it has been able to attain a 4.7 of 5 stars rating from over 100 verified customers’ reviews which is an impressive feat for any product.

When we received our version of the product, one of the first things we noticed was its relative light weight which was impressive for a somewhat bulky delivery.

the flower cart

Upon opening the box, we noticed its assembly was one of the easiest we had ever encountered, taking a little less than 20 minutes to complete.

Finally, we observed that its stellar aesthetic appeal ensured it fitted perfectly into any setting it was introduced.

amazon buy now buttonAll these features inadvertently make this flower cart the best buy and one we recommend to all buyers.

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  1. It is a very beautiful stand, thought it was taller but I still love it, will order another one soon and will gladly recommend this to family and friends.

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