The Best Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart Review 2019 (Buyer Guide)

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Have you just started your easy sugar confectionery, baking or food business from your home or office and are you having orders escalating through the roof, so much that your kitchen is often left a tad disorganized or rowdy? If so, this Supreme Microwave cart is what you need.

Or are you a professional chef or acid cook with a flair for baking? Not able to resist whipping up some culinary magic to fill hungry mouths and crunching bellies? If so, there is no need to give unproductivity a chance through disorganization. What you need is a full-blown microwave cart for some kitchen organization.

These carts are designed to withstand all the pressures prevalent in the kitchen either domestically or commercially, from freezing mixtures to boiling hot pots.

Target Microwave Cart

Additionally, they tend to accommodate different variations that might be encountered during food production.

We were opportune to see various designs of microwave carts in view of organizing the kitchen.

However, the target microwave cart proved to be the most resilient and reliable because it offers immense kitchen organizational values to customers at the fraction of the prevalent price and it hails from a globally reputable storage product brand.

To aid our decision, we used certain selection criteria that hinged around four concepts.

The first was adaptability, which refers to the ability for features in this cart to be customized to various user requirements hence ensuring the microwave care can be used for various needs domestically and commercially.

The next criteria considered was durability, which refers to the ability to work perfectly under immense pressure without wear or cracks or damage. This greatly hinges on the material selection process and design thinking.

Target Microwave Cart review

The third criteria we considered during the ranking phase was the cart’s aesthetic appeal which basically refers to the cart’s ability to attract and sustain viewers’ attention at the smallest opportunity.

The last criteria we considered was the affordability, which provided a holistic approach to the extent customers are willing to pay for the service the cart renders in light of its inherent capabilities.

To our surprise this cart ranked the top overall because of some strong lead it gained in adaptability and aesthetic appeal, hence, making it our recommended cart for kitchen storage or organization.

The microwave cart is believed to have been produced for design conscious food enthusiasts.

This inference can be reached from the quality of materials used to the intricately designed shelves and contrasting frame board.

All these informed our decision in ranking this the most kitchen friendly cart available on Amazon where it currently sells for $59.99.

Whitmore is a reputable product manufacturing firm with leading innovative products in various niches such as shelves and racks, totes, shoe storage, baskets etc.

The firm has consistently produced amazing products with stellar features, for example, this Microwave Cart is currently the Amazon’s Choice product for Microwave Cart stands with a 67% 5-star rating from its 3000+ reviews, which is commendable.

Whitmore supreme Microwave Cart Key Features

This cart has an impressive aesthetic appeal, offering chromed design topped with a grained wooden board.

Moreover, the functionality of this microwave cart lies in the impressive features it wields that can be grouped into the following buckets:

#Ease of Assembly

Although containing many parts, this microwave cart comes with a detailed assembly manual and a wrench to be used during assembly.

These two resources make assembling the cart a walkthrough for most people, especially handy folks.

Moreover, it is estimated that the average layperson can open the box and assemble the entire cart in a little below 30 minutes.

Target Microwave Cart


This piece of equipment is made of industrial grade heavy duty chromed steel for its frame and shelves to provide all the structural support steel is reputed for to your kitchen.

Additionally, the chromed design ensures the steel is protected from heat treatment via the heat transferred from hot cooked or baked substances.

Moreover, this cart sports four wheels via which it can easily be moved or repositioned.

As a precautionary measure, two of the cart’s wheel is lockable thus minimizing domestic accidents due to unwanted cart motion.


All shelves on this microwave cart can be adjusted by one-inch increments to allow for suitable accessibility regardless of the height of the user.

This multifunctional height increment also allows the storage of various substances of various heights on the shelves.

Additionally, the wooden board on the top of the cart can serve as both a chopping board for food supplies or it can be used as a pedestal to hold microwaves or toasters in place while in use.

Furthermore, the cart sports a series of accessory hooks that can be used to hang or store handy kitchen utensils and items such as a towel or ladles or spoons.

#Brand Reputation

The Whitmor brand stands for excellence in storage and organizational products and this can be seen in the amazing product range.

In addition, the firm offers service and guarantee services for all purchases of this target microwave cart, thereby ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

Whitmore Supreme Microwave Cart Reviews Roundup

When we tested this product, we spent less than 20 minuted coupling the entire cart together, which a really impressive feat is considering the size of the finished cart.

microwave cart target

Also, another thing we noticed was that the contrasting chrome wire -wood design would fit perfectly into almost all kitchens, thus an advantage of this cart.

Also, we noticed the wheels worked well on various surfaces, tiles, wooden and even on carpet.

Additionally, most of the features in this cart can be placed in multiple locations or variations, thus encouraging versatility and adaptability, which is also commendable.

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After all, is said and tested, we strongly believe this is an amazing target microwave cart for any kitchen type.

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