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Welcome to Outdoor Cart’s Privacy Policy Page!

Customers satisfaction is our main goal, we always work best to produce great content for our readers.

Reader’s feedback always helps us to grow organically, and we respect our customers and we follow below-mentioned privacy policies while operating our services.

  • We don’t collect any sensitive information from our customers/readers.
  • Whatever information you have submitted in Newsletter will be used purely for sending emails promotions, offers related to our guides.
  • We don’t share/sell collected customer Username & Email for any 3rd party providers.
  • Our website intentionally doesn’t use Cookies to store customer information.
  • It’s important to protect customers’ information from hackers, so on Outdoor cart SSL certificate is installed to protect against unauthorized access.
  • Outdoor Cart doesn’t ask for credit/debit card information from customers.
  • We use services to monetize our content.
  • Outdoor Cart doesn’t publish adult, drug, hacking content on the website.
  • We don’t copy/republished content from other websites, so we authorized and we’re the owners of content which is published on Outdoor Cart.
  • Outdoor Cart content, guides may include third party links, these links are provided for customer convenience only to get the right product for their needs.
  • We don’t use any trademarks on Outdoor Cart.

#Examples of Information collected:

We are hereby declaring that we don’t force users to submit their username & email for our promotions.

Outdoor Cart embedded Newsletter in a sidebar with two fields.

  • Your Name
  • Your Email

Customers who want to get daily updates, new article information which is published on Outdoor Cart can independently submit their information to Outdoor Cart.

These details will be used for email communications with the readers.

Other than this information, we don’t ask or collect any information from our customers.

We love our customers, Outdoor Cart strongly believes that customers satisfaction, customers protection much more important than any other factors.

You can directly report to for policy violation or policy breaches on the website.

Happy Browsing at Outdoor Cart!!