Best Outdoor Cabana Bed 2019 (Complete Review & Buyer Guide)

Outdoor Cabana Bed

Are you used to or tired of constantly having a craving for a shaded relaxation spot on your patio or on your pool deck? The kind of soft cushioned bed like yet shaded relaxation spot that would help you connect with the best of nature; the brimming sun, the warm summer breeze, and the serene garden or the cool pool. The Bellagio 4-piece outdoor cabana bed would bring this heartfelt wish alive.

Or are you anticipating or planning an event a pool party at your house and expecting quite a number of people, but unsure as to what additional furniture would provide the best ambiance and relaxation or seating needs for the lot? or are you just imagining making your family’s poolside encounters more memorable? Then consider this outdoor cabana bed.

The simplicity of the solution to this problem can be summarized as basically bringing the bedroom experience outdoors, with all its comfort and coziness.

Cabana bed reviews

To achieve this, various designers and manufacturers have developed varying designs and concepts, however, for the most part, they fall short most often on two counts;

The first is the quality of the materials used while the second reason is its price point.

This outdoor cabana proposes immense value to owners primarily because of its versatility.

When alone or with a few loved ones, you could use it as a shaded bed while relaxing.

However, when friends and family are around, it can be divided to serve as a series of seating and reclination spots as opposed to retaining its outdoor bed mode.

Moreover, while reviewing this cart, it became obvious that it was designed to suit the needs of married individuals (male or female) that own homes with pools or patios.

These individuals are design and price conscious, however, they are more versatility conscious, opting for this space-saving outdoor cabana bed.

Bellagio is the leading outdoor product manufacturing brand. Over the past decades, it has ramped up its brand reputation by offering amazing quality products for really low prices, thereby enabling it to gain considerable market share and brand distinction globally.

cabana bed

When we checked Amazon, tons of similar outdoor cabana beds popped up with their usual promise of quality and appealing design.

However, upon reading the various customer reviews and considering their ratings, it was clear the majority of them still needed product design refinement.

This immense supply of solutions influenced our decision to use a selection matrix to rate each outdoor bed versus a set of criteria or metrics we had set up for them.

The first criteria we considered was the bed’s versatility. Its ability of the cart to be adjusted to various settings to serve different leisure purposes such as sitting, sleeping and relaxing.

Also, the second criteria were the outdoor bed’s durability, its ability to withstand the various static and dynamic loading it might be subjected to during its usage.

It also considers the bed’s ability to withstand the forces of nature it is subjected to in the outdoors.

In addition, the third criteria we considered was the bed’s affordability. Some beds cost a hand and leg to purchase whereas some others cost less than $500, however, there exists a balance to help purchase the right quality of outdoor beds.

The fourth criteria were the aesthetic appeal. It reflects the cart’s ability to sway and sustain peoples attention with its design properties and its color scheme.

This outstanding piece of outdoor furniture ranked highly on all our measurement metrics, thus grounding our decision to award it the best outdoor cabana bed.

In addition, this bed sells for a conservative $1,041 on Amazon, sold by Great Deal Furniture.

Bellagio 4-piece Outdoor Cabana Bed Key Features


High-quality plastic wicker, high-quality steel frame, thick fabric, beige fabric cushions, and pillows.

Every element of this outdoor bed came pre-assembled with little assembly required after purchase.

The lightweight of its members also ensures that the outdoor bed is easily moved around while maintaining its structural rigidity.


The ottoman, sofa and sectional chairs can be arranged in various configurations to achieve either a full detached setting for multiple seaters, split into sectional parts for use as a part bed and part seats.

best outdoor bed

Also, the entire outdoor bed can be assembled by making sure all members of the set fit perfectly together in coherence, thus maximizing the surface area.

#Aesthetic appeal

Coffee brown plastic wicker with a high-quality off-white fabric all shaped to form a complete circle when organized.

The cart’s high-quality fabric and finishing ensure there’s constant inspiration drawn from within its confines.

Its canopy and throw pillows are also extended with off-white fabric that ensures its total aesthetic appeal is minimalist in presentation while offering immense functional value to owners.

Bellagio 4-piece Outdoor Cabana Bed Reviews Roundup

Judging from the aggregated review score of 4.5 of 5-stars from 16 verified customers’ reviews on Amazon, our expectation for the outdoor bed was enormous.

Upon opening the cart, it was easily noticed that the actual bed was larger physically than it appeared in the pictures and it felt more comfortable.

Its colors seemed to be more eye-popping and attractive than in the pictures as well. Also, its immense aesthetic appeal ensures it transforms any space into a top-notch relaxation spot.

Outdoor Cabana Bed

Considering the low price point the outdoor bed sports, it is a little wonder why the sales are not out of the roof since the product’s quality are top notch and its customer service such as delivery services was spectacular with our order being delivered faster than anticipated.

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We highly recommend this Bellagio outdoor cabana bed to any person or family seeking to upscale the look of their relaxation spot; pool deck or patio.

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