The Best Mobile Coffee Cart Review 2019 (Best Selling Product)

Mobile Coffee Cart

Coffee is the most produced and most consumed beverage in the world and given its reputation, it is little wonder coffee spots exists literally everywhere; from local stores to vending machines at work to even mobile coffee cart at buzzing vacation spots.

To be more specific, the global instant coffee market size is so huge a market that its global market capitalization is projected to hit $36.3 Bn by 2020 from $28 Bn in 2016.

Should this trend hold true, this might be the best time to consider a coffee venture and own a stake in the pie.

Mobile beverage hospitality cart

So, whether you are planning or organizing a party that would require some caffeine or beverage distributed during the course of the event,

don’t get worried about what setup would be ideal and all inclusive while being portable and mobile? If so, this amazing coffee cart is for you.

Balanced on four locks enabled rollers, our top selected mobile coffee cart offers owners immense value for their money as it sports a minimalistic design which makes it very ideal for corporate occasions and offices.

In addition, its large storage space makes storing and serving the beverage very ideal and seamless.

During the course of our search, we stumbled upon numerous carts solving the same problem, however, this cart caught our attention by its simplistic yet appealing design and its large storage capacity at its affordable price point.

To better support our ranking and selection of the most convenient mobile coffee cart, we established three selection criteria;

The first was durability, the second criteria used was flexibility – the degree of customization the coffee cart can undergo to suit users needs and how easy these customizations can occur.

Mobile Coffee Cart review

The next criteria considered was storage capacity – which refers to the sheer disposable or usable volume the cart has, the volume that can be used to keep various beverage items such as cups, flasks, kettles, etc.

Lastly, the fourth criteria used was affordability – which basically highlights the economic opportunity cost incurred to have the cart and the amount of value it proposes in return.

This cart appeals to all types of offices and professional gatherings or events that need stopover carts for coffee dispensing, events that need it portable and mobile, thus ditching the use of large dispensing machines.

On all criteria considered, this coffee cart ranks highly, thus sealing its preference as our best mobile coffee cart. Additionally, this cart sells on the Safco product’s Amazon store for a reasonable $323.

With over 125 years of product excellence in manufacturing, the designers of this cart Mayline & Safco have built their brand awareness and reputation.

The firm is reputed for using in-depth market research, stellar analytics, and big data to enhance living conditions via their ever increasing product range.

Safco Products Mobile Beverage Hospitality Cart Key Features

Safco Products Mobile Beverage Hospitality Cart Reviews Roundup

Safco Products Mobile Coffee Cart Key Features

This cart promises an unforgettable experience serving or making beverage as it takes into consideration all customer complaints in developing this highly appealing coffee cart.

Its features can be organized into the following buckets.


This cart is designed with handrails for support and to act as handles, guiding the cart in the right direction.

In addition, the cart is born on four 3.5″ wheels, with two having locking capabilities, hence preventing free rolling or accidents.

coffee cart

This cart’s mobility is further enhanced by its compact design of 21.8 in (W) x 33.5 in (H) x 43 in (L).

This design allows it to be slid into various openings or slots at various hospitality spots or centers.

Although it weighs only 80 lbs. this cart can be easily moved into prepared spots with minimal push efforts.

#Storage Space

This cart offers two basic types of storage: the Open type and closed storage.

The open storage occurs on the top two layers and is guided only by wire rails. These spaces are used to keep readily needed items like jugs, cups, water etc.

The closed storage has locking capabilities and is located on the last layer of the cart. It houses more important and less frequently used items such as additional beverage powder, sugar supplies etc.

Also, this mobile coffee cart offers considerable weight capacity for holding beverage supplies, consumables and utensils; as the steel shelf can carry as much as 50 lbs. while the shelf in the cabinet can carry as much as 25 lbs. over a period of time.

#Sleek design

this mobile coffee cart sports one of the most remarkable cart design, from the use of sleek wire railings on its shelves to the use of minimalist design lines and chamfers.

These design choices make the cart a must-have for design conscious clients and/or offices.

In addition, this cart is available in a professional black color with silver finishing to accentuate the edges and wire railing, thus fitting into office o professional venues. It also sports an adjustable shelf that can help meet varying customer’s storage needs.

Safco Products Mobile Beverage Hospitality Cart Reviews Roundup

When we took a test run at the coffee cart, the first thing we noticed was how easy assembling it was when compared to the cart’s size.

The tall cart can intimidate owners, however upon careful examination of the assembly manual, within an hour, the assembly can be completed based on handiness and experience.

Mobile Coffee Cart

Another point of interest about the cart was the vast storage space it wielded, literally very large, hence it might be necessary for buyers to confirm the size they need before purchasing this mobile coffee cart.

Considering its brand reputation, its superior quality material, and sleek design, its sheer size and its multifunctional approach to coffee serving, while being mobile and professional, it is a great buy.

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All in all, we would give a five-star recommendation for this cart.

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