The Best Kitchen Island Review 2019 (Handpicked Product)

Kitchen Island

Contemplating creating additional storage space in your kitchen? or considering introducing a work table in the kitchen for easy meal preparation. If so, you definitely should consider merging both needs and more with this unique kitchen Island from Home Styles.

Or are you considering adding each of these components individually to the kitchen space and even considering building an additional eating area to your already cramped up kitchen?

If so, it might be time to consider utilizing global renown and acceptable solution to this dilemma and use Kitchen Islands.

This highly multifunctional and versatile kitchen island gives every kitchen a bit of a professionally designed ambiance as it offers striking yet minimalist intricate designs with every stroke.

kitchen island cart

Researching Kitchen Islands on Amazon left us with loads of options but this particular design stood out amongst the rest because of some of the reasons discussed below.

Our inherent decision was to establish criteria as our manner had become to inform our decision.

The matrix made use of four criteria, the first was the versatility of the kitchen Island, which was a testament to its multifunctionality, either serving as a storage area, food preparation surface, as a dining area or as a combination of these uses.

The versatility is a major factor to consider when investing a considerable amount in purchasing a kitchen island; would you have ample open storage space, close storage pace, food preparation surface, and even dining surface? these are questions to consider before hitting the consideration button.

The second criteria we considered was the affordability of the island, how much were customers willing to pay for it and to what degree do they feel satisfied with their purchase at that price point.

Additionally, we considered the aesthetic appeal of each cart, how beautifully designed they were and how they would fit into various kitchen settings.

The last criteria we considered was the durability of the kitchen island, which stemmed from the type of material used in its construction, the quality of its finishing and the level of detailing and joints used to hold them in place.

The majority of these criteria could be inferred from customers reviews or complaints and particularly from their sales and rating ranking.

best Kitchen Island

The target audience for this cart is majorly female homeowners with interest in having a highly organized kitchen space.

Also, this audience should be preferably married women with ample space in their kitchen to set up a 49.75″ W x 26.5″ D x 36.5″ H kitchen island

This kitchen island ranks as the best on a majority of the criteria as it offers customers an additional eating leaf as opposed to the competitors that don’t.

Furthermore, it suggests stools and fixtures complement the island which is commendable. It sells for $609.96 on Amazon and is sold on the Home Styles store.

Home  Styles is a Kentucky brand that has been in existence for some decades and has made it its mission to provide innovative hardware products to homes all over the world.

Their products are geared towards domestic storage units and furnishings. It has improved its brand reputation in recent years with its ever-increasing product range.

Home Styles Kitchen Island Key Features


This kitchen island employs a basic yet attractive color scheme approach by ensuring the dining leaf and the top is distressed oak brown while the entire lower cabin is painted white.

Also, it sports antique brass finished hardware for its knobs, hinges etc, thereby giving the shelf a perfect old antique feeling.

#Storage Capacity

Easy glide storage drawer raised detail cabinet doors with adjustable shelves inside, and open storage on each end with an adjustable shelf.

Its various storage comes in form of drawers, cupboards, open storages and closed storages with brass handles.


Made of Asian Hardwood which is renowned for its tensile strength and hardness, thus giving your kitchen a sturdy centerpiece.

kitchen island reviews

In tandem with the height of this cart, the counter stools to be purchased for easy utilization of this island should be 24 inches tall.

The stools should be preferable painted white with a brown wood grain top slate finishing to properly complement all the features of this Kitchen island.


The distressed oak top surface finishes ensure the surface can be easily cleaned while it can also serve as a dining area for small family sizes.

It sports diverse open storage shelves on its two sides, thereby ensuring condiments and spices can be arranged accurately and with relatively easy access for frequent use.

In addition, It sports ample storage option in terms of small drawers and cupboards that can be used to store bigger appliances and kitchen equipment, thus, space saving.

It also has a distress oak surface that can be used as a food preparation surface. This surface is easily cleaned and extends into a drop leaf.

The drop leaf can be set horizontal to the preparation surface and extended for use during dining or eating in the kitchen, hence sealing its multifunctionality

Home Styles Kitchen Island Reviews Roundup

The islands quality and finishing must have been a major influencer in its ability to gain a 4.4 of 5-star rating from 400+ verified customers’ reviews on Amazon.

To personally review this, we receiver our order two days earlier than expected which is commendable and we were surprised to receive three large boxes, totaling about 200 lbs. or more.

Kitchen Island

By the time we unpacked the boxes, it became evident that coupling them would be easy and stress-free as the installment manual was very detailed making use of alphabetical analogies.

In about one hour, we had finished assembling the entire kitchen island, revealing its beauty and versatility in exceeding customers’ requirement.

Upon checking the depths of the storage cupboards and drawers, it was noticed that they were highly functional, going deep enough to store most kitchen apparatus and smaller appliances such as mixers, bowls, pots etc.

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Given the fact that this kitchen island cart was an aesthetic marvel, coupled with its ease of assembly and its versatility we highly recommend its purchase for homeowners seeking to rejuvenate their kitchen.

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