Best Garden Way Cart 2019 (Review & Recommendations)

Garden Way Cart

Are you in dire need of a hydrophilic cart or wagon? Needing a large domestic cart that can be used to move moist materials from one place to another with much ease and comfort? This Tipke 2100 Garden Way Cart which sells for $219.99 on Amazon offers the way out.

Since most metals are subject to corrosion and rust under certain moist conditions, it is little wonder that research has led to the discovery of certain materials with stellar corrosion resistance, materials such as Aluminum.

This has birthed the rise of corrosion resistant carts to help keep gardens and farms running even as these carts interact daily with water.

To filter through the host of similar carts we found on Amazon promising these solutions, we engaged three main criteria for consideration.

The first criteria were the cart’s affordability, the second criteria were corrosion resistance and the third was space saving.

Consequently, the Tipke 2100 Garden Way Cart proved to be our leading cart as its design was centered on the food business that often exposes carts to such levels of moisture.

Over the years, Tipke has grown to become a household name when space saving carts and organizational furniture are concerned and this reputation also fueled our interest in this cart.

Tipke 2100 Garden Way Cart Key Features


The main feature this garden way cart sport is its high corrosion and rust resistance that stems from its Marine-grade aluminum makeup.

This enables it to hold and move moist or even wet substance such as wet fishing gears to or from boats without getting corroded or damaged

#Storage Capacity

In line with its much-acclaimed reputation for use in gardens, this garden way cart can lift as much as 330 lbs. conveniently to aid movement of materials from one end of the property to another.


Given the garden way cart’s aluminum build, it is little wonder this cart is light to pull.

This unique construction material also makes its use in more humid environments such as in offloading or loading materials unto boats more feasible, or in transporting moist compost.

#Space storage

The extended cart has a dimension of 55″ Long x 30.25″ Wide x 23″ Deep when folded, its dimensions reduce to 41″ Long x 9.5″ Wide x 22″ Deep.

This ensures it occupies only about two square feet of storage space.

Tipke 2100 Garden Way Cart Reviews Roundup

This Tipke 2100 garden way cart has overtime sustained its market-leading reputation, achieving a 4.6 of 5-star reputation from over 295 verified customer’s reviews on Amazon.

Garden Way Cart

This led us to test our garden way cart’s capacity and to our surprise, it conveniently contained four standards recycle bins.

Moreover, we realized it was perfect for visiting the lake although folding the cart can be a bit complicated, its affordable price point makes it bearable.

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We definitely recommend this garden way cart for those who love taking to the elements or moist parts of the park for camping and do not want to waste money on carts that would rust away easily.

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