Timber Ridge Camping Folding Wagon 2019 [Complete Review]

Timber Ridge Camping Folding Wagon

Is your family considering gardening or hitting the beach anytime soon but confused when considering what cart to use to convey your supplies and items? Or considering going shopping or just moving items domestically? Then you need the Timber Ridge Folding Wagon

When we checked Amazon for folding wagons, it became evident that most retailers or brands were not meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations, thus their low ratings and sales figures.

This led us to research and rank the carts based on a combination of features.

These features were: brand acceptability, cart’s folding capacity, wagon’s durability, and its storage capacity.

Folding Wagon
             Reference: Amazon.com

Timber Ridge is a leading outdoor brand that specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality weather-resistant gears and equipment to offer customers a delightful outdoor encounter.

This folding wagon’s sleek design ensures it is appealing to a wide range of customer set as it currently sells on Amazon for $119.99.

Timber Ridge Folding Wagon Key Features

This cart saves space, time and energy for various families whenever outdoor activities are involved and it achieves these with the following features:

#Storage capacity

This 35.5″ x 18.4″ x 12″ folding wagon has a considerably large storage capacity given the sturdy frame it supports and the polyester material used for its fabric.

This cart weighs a light 24.91 lbs. while sporting a lifting capacity of 150 lbs. on smooth surfaces like pavement or tiles and 110 lbs. on sandy soils such as beaches parks etc.

#Easy Mobility

This folding wagon has an easy mobility feature it achieved via having a high ground clearance ratio and 8” wheels that allow it to roll seamlessly on the floor or sand.

#Easy Maneuverability

Additionally, this folding wagon sports an adjustable handle to accommodate people of various heights pulling it conveniently.

Timber Ridge Camping Folding Wagon
Source: Amazon.com

Moreover, its two rear wheels are fixed while the front wheels rotate freely; hence giving it the necessary tilt it needs to make tight turns and maneuvers.


This Timber Ridge Folding Wagon achieves high durability by combining two strategic processes:

The first is the stellar material selection that allowed the firm to opt for the use of heavy-duty steel for its frame and polyester for its covering fabric.

In addition, it uses impressive finishing such as powder coating the steel that acts as a layer of protection from corrosion that might be induced by constant exposure to the elements.

#3 years warranty

The manufacturers of this cart offer a full 3 years warranty to all their customers on any defective materials or craftsmanship, coupled with their stellar customer service experience.

Timber Ridge Folding Wagon Reviews Roundup

This cart has been rated a 4.5 of 5 stars by over 260 customers on Amazon, thus sparking our interest in the product.

When we received our folding wagon, we easily noticed it came reassembled which encouraged easy and immediate use.

Camping Folding Wagon
Source: Amazon.com

Also, when we folded it, we noticed it folded compactly to about 8” which could easily be dunked in our trunk.

We also observed that the sturdy design contained a considerable amount of groceries and was easily maneuverable on varied soil conditions.

amazon buy now buttonOverall, we highly recommend this cart to anyone considering moving light items whether in parks, malls or zoos.

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