Best MAC sports Folding Wagon Costco 2019 (Top Product)

folding utility wagon costco

Have you been contemplating buying a versatile folding wagon that can be used to suit your various domestic needs such as girl’s scout sales, car camping or even attending sporting events? If so, the answer is not far-fetched, consider hitting the park with this Folding Wagon Costco.

On Amazon there exist loads of wagons promising immense foldability and quality, however, we have been able to narrow down our choices based on the following criteria:

Affordability, Material Quality, Foldability, and Aesthetic appeal.

Folding Wagon Costco

Judging by this criteria, we established that the MAC sports Folding Wagon Costco was the perfect solution in this regards even as its sale record on Amazon showed, being the #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s Outdoor Gardening Carts Category.

Although it can be inferred to be designed for the quality and design conscious parents, it currently sells for an affordable $69.23 on Amazon.

Over the past two centuries, MAC sports has established itself as a leading recreational equipment and gadget brand.

This globally unique brand reputation also helped influence our decision as to the Folding Wagon Costco’s quality.

MAC Sports Folding Wagon Costco Key Features

This wagon achieved its immense success by a combination of its amazing features; such as


This wagon achieves durability by sporting a powder-coated steel frame that enables it to withstand corrosive forces to a large extent.

In addition, it sports the globally appraised 600 Denier Fabric that is highly durable and easily cleaned.

#Storage Capacity

Also, this wagon sports a considerably large storage capacity of 32.5” x 17.5” x 10.5”. It also can lift up to 150 lbs. thanks to its sturdy steel frame.

Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

This wagon can also be folded to a compact 8” within a few seconds to be easily fitted into its carry case and trunked.

#Lightweight and easy transport

Given the fact that its frame is made of durable heavy-duty steel, this wagon is very sturdy and lightweight, weighing only about 22.5 lbs.

Also, this wagon has extendable handles for easily pulling the wagon. Its length can be adjusted to suit the height of the person pulling it.

MAC Sports Folding Wagon Costco Reviews Roundup

The awesomeness of this MAC sports Folding Wagon Costco can be seen in the sheer fact that the wagon has amassed a 4.7 of 5-star reviews from over 4,000 different verified customer reviews on Amazon.

When we got our wagon, we were quick to check for its versatility by testing it with various items from groceries to camping gears and even laundry.

folding utility wagon costco

In every instance, the wagon proved useful as it road seamlessly on various surfaces, from pavements to grass and to sand.

Furthermore, we checked the ease of folding and realized it was pretty easy to fold, with the pull of a rope, this wagon folded.

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Hence, we recommend this wagon to any person or family considering purchasing a folding wagon Costco that can be used for varying domestic operations or activities.

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  1. I have purchased a different one from Walmart that did not have a telescopic handle and the fixed seems to be a problem if those pulling it are taller. Does this one have the telescopic handle, I can’t tell from the pictures. Val

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