The Best Folding Utility Wagon in 2019 (Review & Guide)

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It is common knowledge that leisure activities often involve meticulous planning and preparations prior to its commencement, however, their success hinges upon ensuring all major factors are in place. Minute details such as saving trunk space with a folding utility wagon can be the difference between a blissful vacation and a burdensome one.

Highly organized and detailed people often do not miss out things as packing a utility wagon, but the rest of the majority are at risk of loading the trunk only to get to their vacation destination without a wagon.

Hence they can either rent a utility wagon (if there are any available), purchase one speedily or they can use their hands to manually transfer every single item from the trunk to their spot.

folding utility wagon reviews

Considering how short our perception of life is, it is most often advisable to let your money and machines work for you as opposed to manually exerting your only true possession – your body at every instance.

This problem has inspired many organizations and firms to design and manufacture various wagons for various instances.

For this article, the wagon we consider falls under the folding utility wagon, primarily because of their folding capability.

Moreover, during our research, we realized that various wagons have different difficulty levels when folding and also fold to different degrees.

This difference in design creates a sort of issue in itself as it implies that certain wagons are more space saving than others, and some wagons are more difficult to fold than others.

Hence leaving customers or buyers frustrated about making such purchases.

Therefore, it became our goal to review the existing wagon designs and recommend the folding utility wagon we believe would give customers the least probability of emotional backlash.

Our final selection was the MAC Sports Folding Utility Wagon and our decision was based on four selection criteria.

The first criteria were ease of folding, this refers to the ranking the wagons based on the type of folding mechanisms they employ and the ease of folding.

Also, the second criteria were affordability, this refers to the designer’s price versus those of the competition based on the capabilities the particular wagon is offering customers.

The third criteria considered was storage capacity, this refers to both the actual payload capacity in terms of weight that the wagon can withstand optimally and also the volume of the cargo tub.

Folding wagon

Moreover, the fourth criteria we considered during our analysis was the aesthetic appeal, which refers to how pleasing the wagons are to customers, thus sparking or dispelling their purchase interest.

Since the mid 90’s when MAC sports was founded, it has consistently kept up with the pace of innovation on globally distance products being a smaller and more adaptable firm.

Currently positioned as one of the largest manufacturers and distributor of folding furniture, the company has taken giant strides in the last 20 years by diversifying its product range into kid chairs, tension chair, loungers etc.

From the look and feel of this wagon, it can be assumed that the firm’s target market is the millennials that do not have so much financial prowess to purchase the more pricey alternative wagons but want high quality durable folding utility wagons at the fraction of a price of the popular alternatives.

This wagon tops all charts consistently by being carefully designed for optimum competition.

Inline with our assertion, tons of customers agree with the current sales rating in Amazon’s Outdoor Gardening Cart category showing that this folding utility wagon leads globally.

It is currently sold on the Mac Sports Amazon store for a very affordable $69.23.

Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon Key Features

Mac Sports Folding Utility wagon Reviews Roundup

Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon Key Features

Being the #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s Outdoor Gardening Carts is an admirable feat as this folding utility wagon not only sports stellar aesthetic appeal, it has a bunch of features that make its offering irresistible to the 5,000+ reviewers that rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars.


This refers to the wagons ability to be used effectively in various instances without issues or damage.

Some of the features that enable this wagon to achieve such high levels of versatility are its high clearance level from the ground.

Additionally, the wagons folding capacity to only 8″ thick means it can be loaded into the trunk easily for various activities.

Also, its sleek grooved wheels ensure it can move adequately on all surfaces without the need for much force, whether pavement, grass or sand.

#Easy Transport

folding utility wagon costco

The fact that this wagon requires no assembly is a major selling point/ With the pull of a single string, the cart folds into its storage position in some seconds.

Also, given the fact that the wagon weighs only 22.5 lbs, it means it can easily be moved around prior and after its use.


Although this cart sports some of the largest storage capacities available for personal use on Amazon, it comes at a fraction of the price of the main competitors.

This marked price difference is a major driver for its Amazon sales success asides its product quality.

#Compact Storage

When in use, this wagon is expanded to its full capacity of  32.5” x 17.5” x 10.5”, however, when not in use it folds to 29.5″ x 20″ x 8″  to be stored in its carry bag for easy handling.

This storage potential translates to a 150 lbs. optimal weight capacity.

This wagon is so spacious that it can comfortably seat your beach or fishing cooler and all your additional gears without break, tear or even damage to the fabric or frame while in constant use.


This wagons frame is made of heavy-duty steel frame powder coated to avoid corrosion attack and failure. Its fabric is made of durable 600 Denier polyester fabric which is easy clean and resilient.

Mac Sports Folding Utility wagon Reviews Roundup

When we tested this wagon, everything aligned with the various reviews we had read, unfolding the cart was very easy and within seconds the cart was ready to use. In addition, we noticed the handle was very comfortable and effective to use as it folly padded and controlled the folding utility wagon adequately.

Folding Utility Wagon

Given the large spacious storage area, it has the ability to support more weight than its narrowly designed and assembled cousins or competitors.

Furthermore, the wheels are not fixated on the handle, meaning they can each move independently of each other when pulling the cart.

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Overall, it is an awesome cart that alleviates the domestic mobility problems of many persons and families and is highly recommended for purchase.

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