How Best to Store and Serve Wine Indoors with This Espresso Cart?

Espresso wine carts

Are you planning on having guests or friends over at your home in the nearest future but concerned about cluttering your space with a full-blown bar? Or are your concerns based on the financial implications of a full-blown bar with all its niceties? If so, then this Winsome Wood Entertainment Espresso Cart is perfect for your need.

This Winsome Wood Entertainment Minibar has all the perks of a full sized bar and more, offering owners immense space saving, cost saving, mobility, and portability while enjoying their favorite drinks.

Espresso Cart

Here on Amazon, there exist tons of minibars and espresso carts that promise stellar customer satisfaction once purchased, however from our research this cart sold by Winsome is a market leader and a best seller.

This fixture is however distinct in its multifunctional capability, its impressive minimalist design, attractive aesthetics and considerable ease of assembly.

Our selection criteria in deciding which carts rank as the best espresso cart centers around four different prongs;

The first is its aesthetic appeal – basically refereeing to the physical and noticeable design concepts and their relevance in the 21st-century design scene.

The second prong is the capability – this refers to the number of multiple functions each of these racks has, thereby depicting how much value they offer customers.

The third criteria are its affordability – this considers its price in relation to its design and capabilities, thus making for a more reasonable ranking.

The last prong is the durability – which takes its bearing from the quality of materials used to the reputation of the manufacturing company and even various customer reviews, thus making our selection holistic.

This cart ranked easily to the number one spot as it has various compartments and capabilities that make it purchase worthwhile, in addition, it is easy to assemble and sports an easy to comprehend manual. Also, it sports an amazing wood quality with impressive finishing and durable racks and handles.

Moreover, it comes in at an impressive giveaway price of $136.38 on Amazon (as of 08:14 PST – More info) which is reasonable value for your money.

Coming from the stables of Winsome Wood which has been in the business of wood housewares manufacturing for almost 50 years, becoming a global leader in innovation and affordability before the 21st century.

The firm’s store on Amazon is reputable with multiple Amazon’s Choice rated products, this hardware is on its way to becoming a similarly rated product with almost 200 reviews.

In addition, this espresso cart has amassed an outstanding 4.5 of a 5-star rating, thus supporting our assertion of its market dominance in its distinctive niche.

  • Winsome Wood Espresso Entertainment Cart Key Features
  • Winsome Wood Espresso Entertainment Cart Reviews Roundup

Winsome Wood Espresso Cart Key Features

This dark colored espresso minibar or cart serves as a full-blown bar on wheels and makes indoor fine dining experience memorable within the home, sporting the following features


The entire gadget spans 36-in height by 35.5-in width by 14.5-in depth, thereby making it remarkable portable.

It fits perfectly into most entertainment areas and into most Beertenders while holding almost all regular sized bottles adequately and safely (even having guide rails).

This furniture also has four rollers on its base for easy mobility even within heavily cluttered homes

#Storage Space:

In addition to its portability, this cart highlights ample storage space in forms of 3 open shelves and one removable drawer to keep utensils that should be shielded from dust or tampering.

Espresso cart storage space

Its perfectly designed racks hold as much as six wine bottles at a go while maintaining its balance. In addition, it sports a towel rack used to keep towels used during wine serving.

Also, this rack has a glass cup holder used to hand cups in an inverted position while preparing for serving.

#Shelf Space:

This impressive espresso cart has ample multifunctional shelf space that can be used for holding cups or serviettes or even serving drinks.

In addition, it can be used for long term or short term storage of other utensils. This shelf space is graciously lined with beautifully stylish aluminum railings to serve as a guide to prevent utensils from rolling or tipping over.

Thus ensuring the safety of lives and property – via preventing accidents and injuries.

#Ease of Assembly:

This hardware comes with loads of pieces including screws, bolts etc. To tackle this, the brilliant designers of this furniture made the coupling easy by the inclusion of a detailed and educative assembly manual.

So whether this is your first time assembling a furniture or you’re a hardware expert, coupling this furniture would be easy and seamless.

Winsome Wood Espresso Cart Reviews Roundup

The sheer success of this hardware in the open market and on Amazon has led to its recognition as a market leader and to numerous reviews. We would, however, take a look at some client’s reviews highlighting their satisfaction with the gadget.

We rate this furniture 5 of 5 stars because as a mini bar it fits perfectly with diverse full-blown kitchens and bar.

Espresso wine carts

After assembly, it suits exactly into most living entertainment areas, enlightening the recreational room in most homes. In addition, the cart perfectly fits my Krups Beertender (for Heineken style 5-liter mini kegs. chiefly Newcastle and Heineken) and fits the whiskeys.

The unit offers great quality for the money. Given Winsome Woods reputation for excellence and manufacturing perfection, we highly recommend this cart if the dimensions fit your needs. For about $136.38, it’s a good value.

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As an additional thought, you could mount this without the wheels on top of another station (maybe a flat bar countertop for example) for some added flare at a more eye-level height.”

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  1. This bar cart is more than gorgeous. Such great quality for the price. Just a heads up…it will require two people to put it together.

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