The Best Greenworks Electric Wheelbarrow Review 2019

Greenworks Electric Wheelbarrow

Do you work in construction or does your work involve loads of small to medium scale manual handling that often leaves your hands sore and back aching? Such physically exerting jobs often take a toll on our bodies both in the long and short-term. Then this electric wheelbarrow might be your hail mary.

Powered by a 40V 4 AH fast recharge the lithium-ion battery, this fantastic cart from Greenworks would keep your hands smiling and your backs stronger than ever before.

So whether you are transporting goods or firewood on concrete or grass, this piece of equipment would fit every standard passage and doorway in your house.

Electric Wheelbarrow

In view of easing the amount of manual labor input required in mini-construction services or cabin buildings, various solutions have been developed in this niche.

Sporting various cargo area design, to various throttle setup and everything in between, there exists a host of other considerations to be made before deciding what electric wheelbarrow would best suit your needs.

As our manner has become, to accurately select the most viable electric wheelbarrow, we established and utilized our selection criteria.

The first and most important criteria were affordability, given the fact that there already exist countless heavy duty but pricey carts that can be used to move stuff either domestically or commercially.

These criteria ensured the cheaper wheelbarrows within the affordable ranges were ranked higher than the more pricey counterparts in the thousands of dollars.

The second criteria established was lifting capacity. Understanding that this electric wheelbarrow is meant for domestic use and not primarily for commercial use, we ranked the affordable barrows based on their lifting capacity.

In addition, the third criteria we considered was battery longevity, how long do their batteries last? how much do they weigh? and how long do they take to fully recharge? In short, we considered the batteries extrinsic and intrinsic capacity.

The final criteria we considered was an aesthetic appeal. This refers to how intricately and ostentatiously designed these electric wheelbarrows were made.

It also took into perspective the general design thinking depth that was engaged in creating these products and how valid their assumptions were.

electric wheelbarrow kit

From the aesthetically appealing design the Greenworks electric wheelbarrow sports, it can be hinted that the firm’s target demographic for this product are the younger DIY and gardening enthusiasts that consider intricate designs compulsory in their product purchase decision-making process.

Also, the carts impressive functionality could be designed to attract more functionality conscious generation X working in the firm’s target industries.

Undebatably, this wheelbarrow led the pack in all the criteria considered, thus establishing its dominance in this niche. It is currently sold directly by Amazon on the site for $424.15.

Moreover, this electric wheelbarrow is a brainchild of Greenworks, which is a renewable energy-focused hardware design company focused on creating innovative products for gardening and DIY enthusiasts.

Poised with creating smarter, greener and cleaner solutions, the firm has a global network and vision for being a leading producer in its niche by 2020.

Greenworks Electric Wheelbarrow Key Features

As the image, product description and customer reviews on Amazon proved, coupled with our hands-on experience handling this wheelbarrow, it packs a punch. Its features can be split into the following functionalities:


This cart sports two deeply grooved threaded self-propelled 10″ wheels that gain their power from a 40V Lithium-ion battery. This battery directly powers a silent electric motor which in turn turns the wheels.

The barrow’s battery has a maximum load capacity period of 40 minutes, which is ample running time to do medium domestic hauling jobs.

In addition, the battery is detachable, meaning the battery can be replaced upon depletion with another charged battery to ensure work continuity.

#Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic appeal is the foremost strength this wheelbarrow wields as its leaf green-black color scheme is attractive to most sustainability or environment conscious individual; who also happen to be their target market.

Greenworks Electric Wheelbarrow

Moreover, the wheelbarrow sports a heavy duty steel frame that is powder coated black with a weather resistant plastic cargo tub fixed unto it. It off-loading handle is also made from steel.


In order to live up to its expectation of 200 lbs. maximum loading capacity, the barrow had to be made with heavy duty steel and plastic.

This was exactly what designers did with this cart, additionally, they made the 3.75 cubic ft. cargo tub dust resistant. steel frame, support handle


Although this wheelbarrow weighs 75.8 lbs and has a loading capacity of 200 lbs., its price point lies below the $500 range which makes it a give away given its functionality.

Similar carts to be used commercially have prices within the thousands of dollars with the average price being $5,000.

This Greenwork electric wheelbarrow comes in at 1/10th the price of a commercial one meeting the same domestic need, which is an amazing cost saving.

Greenworks Electric Wheelbarrow Reviews Roundup

Upon examining the content of the heavy box (about 90 lbs), we were able to ascertain the products material quality first hand and it was amazing, to say the least.

This electric wheelbarrow made lifting products domestically a walk through as all was required was the need to release the throttle, then hold the blue thumb button.

Greenworks Electric Wheelbarrow

Also, we noticed the handle made offloading seamless as all that was needed was a tilt from the already balanced position.

It definitely makes moving materials multiple times from storage to a site of use or vice versa memorable as there is little strain on the human body except to load and control the cart accordingly.

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So whether you work or own in a farm, you tend to a garden, work in construction or within a workshop or any other business that requires manual labor, particularly in manually lifting heavy items, the Greenworks electric wheelbarrow is the best solution.

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