Top Rated Cosco Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair Review 2019

Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

In need of a highly durable patio lounge chaise to be used during your unwinding season, when the kids are not around or when the constant bugging ceases? If so, this Cosco Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is the perfect solution.

You could as well be purchasing your next lounge chair installments for your poolside, either to replace old ones or to accommodate more people.

Whatever the case might be, every patio or relaxation spot need these relaxation turfs to give that sense of comfort and ease when relaxing in them.

zero gravity lounge chair costco

The much-needed need to unwind and experience nature, whether in the open sun-soaked beachside, at an exquisite getaway resort or in the comfort of your property has led to a boom in the volume and capabilities of products designed to meet that need.

However, most often than not there is little control as to the level of quality control used in the manufacturing process save for some of the big established or reputable brands.

On Amazon only, there exists a swarm of diverse lounge chairs each with their own distinct pattern or uniqueness while others are solely counterfeits or adulterations of the leading products.

Their material ranges from cane to straw and even to plastic. This often poses a confusion for customers who find it cumbersome to make a decision regarding what lounge chair would work best on their property.

In ranking and rating our choices of lounge chairs, we decided to establish and use our custom selection criteria for this niche that centered on the following factors:

The first is the material choice, referring to the level of thought given to material selection, either for its frame or for it seating material.

The Second criteria considered is its durability, referring to the chairs ability to stand the test of time subjected to repeated loading, unloading and prevalent weather pressure.

Moreover, the third consideration is the chair’s size that is its capacity to handle or contain individuals of various sizes comfortably.

Furthermore, the last criteria were the lounge chair’s affordability.

From the design of this Cosco Zero Gravity Lounge Chair, it can be seen that there has been a consideration for all the sensitive factors that make for great relaxation.

Costco Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

The angle of tilt is adjustable to four different degrees, thereby ensuring users can utilize the chair in diverse ways.

Users can choose to bask in the sun at maximum recline, discuss with friends in an almost upright manner or even play with their gadget at part recline on this same lounge chair.

Moreover, given the chairs aesthetic appeal, it can fit in seamlessly with most patio, garden, poolside or relaxation spot scheme, given the minimalist and monochromatic design it bears.

This Zero Gravity chair presently sells on the Costco store on Amazon for $187.19, it ranked remarkably on our selection matrix as it led the pack in material choice and sizing, thereby ensuring it was our most recommended chair for reclination and relaxation.

Its brand reputation precedes its product design, coming from the stables of a globally reputable warehouse retailer that has been in existence since 1976.

True to its vision, the retailer helps customers save cost by optimizing its operations for immense value saving, so much so that its revenues for the just-concluded fiscal year was in excess of $64-billion

Cosco Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair Key Features

This lounge chair poses a viable competition to the already saturated lounge niche, however, it distinguishes itself by offering certain needed features such as:


this feature refers to the ability of the Costco Zero Gravity Lounge Chair to take up various shapes and positions to suit its owner’s needs.

Using the recline adjuster located behind the chair’s backrest, the chair can be adjusted for utmost comfort and relaxation.

Also, the lounge portion (the leg rest portion) of the chair can be removed or attached at will to ensure conformity to the prevalent landscaping theme.

When needed, it can be removed from storage and easily attached to the rest of the chair, thus making its versatility pronounced.


The color scheme used for the Costco Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Set is neutral monochromatic dark brown, as both the metal frame and the suspending fabric both bear similar hues.

Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

With sleek curvatures at the top and bottom of the lounge cart to allow easy resting of the head and ankles, this design is human-centered.

In addition, the powder finishing of the frame is smoothly particles, hence allowing for easy contact with the skin and perfect warmth or cold transfer from the surface.


This lounge chair achieves durability by using a mixture of intricate finishing processes and material selection.

For its light weight, the chair utilizes aluminum frames that are coated with powder, hence corrosion resistant in the moist outdoors the chair is usually placed.

Also, the chair makes use of weather resistance fabric for the surfaces, hence allowing for continuous use in the rain, snow or even the sun without instances of a tear, wear or degradation.

These features ensure the lounge chair remains intact and in top quality after years of purchase.

Furthermore, the designers have ensured the use of bolts, nuts, and screws for joining pieces of the chair together.

This allows for easy replacements of any worn out part over the years, instead of discarding the whole lounge chair due to a faulty part should permanent welds or joints have been used.

Cosco Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair Reviews Roundup

Taking into consideration the firm responsible for this lounge chair set, Costco, we had so many expectations of the chair while waiting for its delivery.

When the Cosco Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Set finally arrived, it was everything we hoped for. Within that single box was every tool and part necessary to assemble the chair.

Costco Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Also, to our surprise, the chair’s fabric had much more depth and color than anticipated and than depicted in the picture, hence it made for an awesome visual experience.

The entire assembly process took less than 20 minutes for the entire set which made owning this great piece of furniture a breeze for even the most unhandy people.

However, for more elderly people, the entire setup might be too complex. So might require assistance from younger and preferably handier people.

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Overall, amidst a few complaints of shipping mishandling resulting in some broken part, this lounge chair is an amazing buy for anyone seeking to improve the ambiance of their backyard or patio with some Costco goodness.

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