The Best Concession Cart Review 2019 (Buyer Guide)

Concession Cart

Thinking of infusing an antique feel to your indoor movie theater? Or consider a more robust and efficient commercial popcorn popper cart? This concession cart has all your needs actualized in this one gadget.

Conversely, with the advent of technology, there has been a little upgrade done to the popping machine over time, however, this amazing popcorn machine from the stables of Great Northern Popcorn Company offers the best in class solution.

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When considering an innovative yet functional popcorn popping machine, this concession cart tops the chart whether you are setting up a stand at business gathering, a school or church event.

This solution is holistic and much needed as it brings to bear the outstanding looks of the ’90s and the technological advancements of the 21st century.

Aware of the current need for more effective popcorn cart, we reported to scouting online sources for viable and outstanding solutions to meet this burgeoning need.

To our greatest surprise, there were tons of popcorn machines listed on Amazon.

Although these machines varied in size, efficiency, and brands, we were able to establish a generally accepted metric for ranking the best in class cart available online.

The first criteria established was the eye-catching aesthetic appeal – which basically refers to the ease with which each of these machines can attract and sustain the interest of passersby, thus leading to increased customer engagement and sales.

The second criteria established was the efficiency – basically measuring the productivity of each cart and its ability to produce popcorn with minimal energy input and its storage capabilities also.

The third criteria we established was the durability of this cart – how sturdy are their designs and what have customers said about the product in use, does it live up to their expectation.

Furthermore, the fourth selection criteria used was the affordability of these carts – how much was needed to secure one of these carts and what additional benefits does this cost cover? An understanding of this provides a more realistic basis for comparison between carts.

From the design of this concession cart, it is evident it is designed to appeal to the baby boomers reminiscing the past ages and craving a personalized experience, preferably owning their own cart.

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In addition, it appeals to some millennials that are audacious in their style sense and would not mind owning retro-looking equipment at home or work.

When considering the presence this Great Northern Popcorn Company’s 6 Oz. Vintage Popcorn Machine wields outdoors, it is understandable how it ranks effortlessly in our matrix.

In addition, given its price of $222.97 on the company’s Amazon store, its position as a market leader in uncontainable.

Globally reputed for its trend-setting and innovative popcorn equipment and utensil design, Great Northern Popcorn Company has held its customers spellbound.

Poised to change the way the world interacts with this sweet food item, the company has made daring products to serve various customers and distributors.

GNP 6 Oz. Vintage Popcorn Cart Key Features

GNP 6 Oz. Vintage Popcorn Cart Reviews Roundup

GNP Company’s 6 Oz. Vintage Popcorn Cart Key Features

This popper concession cart has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, taking popcorn popping to a whole new height with its intriguing design features, among these are:

#Easy Mobility

One of the highlights of this cart is its long wheelbase and its two 16″ wheels, each containing 18 balls bearing for easy mobility and maneuvering.

The cart has two firm and rigid steel handles on opposing ends for easy lifting and hauling the cart when long-distance mobility is required.

Additionally, because the top Machine spans 17.1″L x 14.1’W x 20.8″H and the cart is 25.5″W x 36.6″H, while they both weigh 53.5 lbs. , the cart is easily moved around by its handles.

Concession Cart

#Technologically efficient

In order to include the prevalent energy saving capabilities lacing the technological scene, the designers of this concession cart included a 2-position 560 watts control switch for the stirrer, pot heater, built-in warmer light etc.

In addition, there is an inclusion of a whisper quiet motor to stir the popcorn for evenness, while it is powered by a 110V power source, alongside the heater, and the built-in warmer light.

Furthermore, it has a warming deck for keeping the popcorn fresh and warm.


Although minor assembly is required to get the cart in shape, it sports an amazing popping space within the machine and ample storage space in the concession cart. The output per batch is about 2 gallons achieved by its 6-ounce kettle.


The cart is designed for efficiency as the two main parts are constructed with different materials. The cart is built with heavy duty powder coated steel for its toughness and strength.

The machine is built with stainless steel for its lightweight, corrosion resistance, and tensile strength.

In addition, the machine has heat tempered glass to reduce the risk of burns or accidents, it is also scratch resistance thus sustaining the longevity of the cart.

#Additional Offerings:

As a bonus offering, GNP included 3 serving cups for easily dishing popcorn in various sizes. It also offered 50 free popcorn serving bags to help everyone have a taste of their customized movie theatre experience for the first 50 servings without the need to buy the paper serving bags.

It also includes a kernel and oil scoop as the name implies the scoop helps remove kernels from the machine while the oil scoop serves perfectly in reducing the volume of oil in the kettle when desired.

GNP 6 Oz. Concession Cart Reviews Roundup

When we chose to order this product, we were a bit skeptical because of the glass parts and the possibility of cracks or damage.

Concession Cart review

The item arrived unscathed and in the best condition. Also, the setup manual was easy to follow and this led to a speedy setup of the machine, in about 1 hour, it is foolproof.

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It serves as an amazing conversation started when friends are around with its appealing paintings and artistic representations.

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