Best Collapsible Wagon for Kids 2019 (Buyer Review)

collapsible wagon for kids

Have you ever been on the constant lookout for wagons designed just for kids? whether to create a memorable experience moving your kids around while visiting the zoo, shopping or while at the park. If so, this Radio Flyer 3-in-1 collapsible wagon for kids is your solution.

Designed with the kids’ comfort and growth trajectory in mind, this collapsible wagon has swayed countless families with its high-quality material, kids-centered design, and impeccable customer service. It proceeded to become the Amazon’s choice collapsible wagon for kids.

Although existent in a niche swarmed with multiple products promising eventful experiences with your kids, this wagon has distinguished itself by being a market leader in all conceivable metrics.

We, however, needed to rank each collapsible cart for kids found on Amazon and use the result as our basis.

collapsible wagon for kids

Our selection matrix considered four factors; kids comfort,  which refers to how comfortable kids would be riding in these wagons.

This factor hinged on the materials used in the design and the design principles adopted.

Also, we considered kids safety, which is a function of the comfort and the functionality of the wagons.

Considering if there were incidences of accidents caused by design flaws or errors.

In addition, the third criteria we considered was the wagon’s versatility. How could the wagons be tweaked easily to meet the various needs of parents or kids based on unique situations or conditions?

The final criteria we considered was the wagon’s affordability. How realistic and reasonable was the price point the design firms gave the product in light of their service offering?

Over the last 100 years, Radio Flyer has indulged in building spectacular outdoor carting experience for kids, giving them the utmost comfort and safety while exposing them to the beauty of nature and friendly human interactions.

best Collapsible Wagon for Kids

The firm has built its brand reputation over the years by their product’s beauty, simplicity, and ever increasing range to meet a wide array of customer requirements.

The Radio Flyer 3-in-1 collapsible wagon for kids ranks foremost in the wagons available for kids because it generally was outstanding on all criteria.

It currently sells for $77.84 on the Radio Flyer Amazon store.

This wagon’s design appeals to parent’s that are passionate about making their kids more adventurous and more outgoing.

The cart is also recommended for kids between the ages of eighteen months to five years old that are passionate about the outdoors and physically exerting play.

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Collapsible Wagon for Kids Key Features


This collapsible wagon for kids flaunts its amazing 3-in-1 characteristic by offering kids three comprehensive use for this cart.

#Its first use is as a hauling cart

Kids can use this cart to move their toys, gears and various items from one end of the park or the compound to another end easily during playtime.

#The second use of the cart is a rider seating

Up to two kids can sit comfortably in the cart while the others or adults move them around the play yard comfortable and with ease.

#The third use of this cart is a bench seating:

When the cart is collapsed to its bare minimum, it can serve as a perfect bench for kids to relax and seat on.

Collapsible Wagon


Given the fact that this collapsible cart was designed for kids, it was necessary to ensure that every part of this intricate system was not only aesthetically appealing but was also safe for kids to play with.

This led to the application and passing of the ASTM F963-16 Toy Safety Standard, thus making it the first folding wagon to do so.

#Ease of assembly

This cart sports a no tool assembly and also flaunts the fact that it can be collapsed into the bench seating position with only one hand, making use of zippers.

Thus making it easy for kids to transform at their convenience without an adult’s assistance.


This cart was designed with duraclean fabric that makes it very easy to clean whatever stain or dirt that might be on its surface, even by kids.

Also, its interior (seat and walls) is properly padded to ensure ease of comfort when in the rider seating or bench seating mode, thereby creating an enjoyable experience for the kids.

#Innovative design:

Some features of this collapsible wagon for kids are highly innovative as it gives the carts a glimmer of transcendence.

Kids Collapsible Wagon

For example, it sports a magnetic return handle. That is, when the cart is not in use, the handle can be kept in the upright position with the use of a powerful magnet attached to the front wall of the wagon.

Also, this collapsible wagon sports quiet ride tires which ensure it emits zero noise while in use whether on wooden surfaces, pavements or even grass.

In addition, it sports two cup holders on the front panels for keeping water bottles for the kids, which helps keep them hydrated and healthy.

#Easy storage

Since the cart was designed with a one-hand fold system, it is very easy to collapse this wagon for moving it to the trunk or for storage.

Given that it weighs only 19 pounds and folds only a few inches thick, it can sit comfortably in the most medium-sized trunk without taking considerable space.

Moreover, the collapsible wagon for kids sports storage loops on its rear side for hanging or hooking various items that might not fit into the wagon or are not appropriate for inside the wagon. Items such as shoes or boots.

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Collapsible Wagon for Kids Reviews Roundup

Over its years of sales, this cart has gotten a 4.4 of 5-star review from over 550 Amazon verified customers, which is a testament to the successful quality of this collapsible wagon and its ability to meet its customer’s expectation.

radio flyer collapsible wagon

when we received the order, we were impressed by the level of finishing given to this cart.

In addition, when testing it with a kid, we noticed the steering control was impressive.

Also, we observed that making tight turns with this cart was really easy to maneuver as opposed to some other products we had tested previously.

Moreover, we noticed that the frame underneath the cart was quite comprehensive as it allowed for no unnecessary gap in the seat of the wagon, thus ensuring total safety and comfort of kids sitting in it.

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Generally, this collapsible wagon for kids seems like a totally impressive idea and one that parents should consider buying for their adorable kids.

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  1. I love this wagon. We purchased it for the preschool I direct to help get toddlers out to the playground. It stores nicely.

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