Cosco Indoor-Outdoor Folding Catering Cart Review 2019

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Feeding in whatever form is one of the three basic needs of man. Whether you’re an amateur cook, a budding professional chef or a veteran chef, there is no undermining the role of aesthetics and design in the culinary scene.

There is always the need to operate lean within the kitchen, thereby using the catering cart to properly arrange and categorize food, utensils, and tools for easy identification or location.

As an effective solution to the third law of thermodynamics that can be referred to in this instance and states that “all systems tend towards a state of increasing disorderliness”, the catering carts come in handy within the kitchen.

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They give platforms for ample visibility to the frequently used tools or utensils, while conversely providing a more concealing platform for rarely used machines or utensils.

Searching for the most functional catering cart proved really strenuous as online platforms like Amazon are flooded with diverse products seeking market share.

Our search was however halted by the realization of this amazing catering cart from Cosco amidst the numerous catering cart solutions.

For a more robust and holistic approach to rating these carts, our selection was based on four criteria;

The first criteria were the cart’s aesthetic appeal – referring to the degree of trendy innovation and fashionable schemes deployed in designing the carts, thus making them generally appealing to the sight.

The next criteria we considered was the durability of the cart, judging durability from the quality of materials used and the joining techniques used, resulting in varying levels of sturdiness and balance.

We also considered the available customer’s review of the product’s quality and durability.

The third criteria used to fuel our decision was the cart’s space-saving ability – evident in the fact that most of the catering carts available online are foldable, a measure of success for the outstanding serving carts had to be its ease of folding and the degree of fold attainable.

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The fourth criteria used in selection was the cart’s affordability – in light of the size and capabilities of each cart, it was necessary to compare its price point with similar catering carts and decide the most economically feasible investment.

It is possible to infer that the Cosco Indoor-Outdoor folding catering cart is designed to appeal to the 21st-century design conscious homemaker or chef.

Hence its minimalist designs and monochrome appearance. This particular catering cat ranks highly above peers because of its innovative Smart-Fold technology. On Amazon, the cart sells at an affordable price of $58.82.

Cosco has been a market leading furniture design firm, responsible for some of the most audacious and innovative furniture lining most kitchens with stellar techniques such as its Smart-fold technology available on this furniture.

This catering cart is on a winning streak on Amazon as it has been awarded 5-star ratings by almost 80% of its 467 reviewers, which is commendable.

Cosco Indoor-Outdoor folding catering cart Key Features

Cosco Indoor-Outdoor folding catering cart Reviews Roundup

Cosco Indoor-Outdoor Folding Catering Cart Key Features

The sleek design of this folding catering cart has a lot of features under its sleeves giving it the edge against competitors in the open market and these features can be effectively grouped into three buckets

#Aesthetic appeal

This Cosco cart is ostentatiously designed to appeal to the classy and finicky customers by its choice of straight detailed lines to more flamboyant yet tacky choices available online.

Its appearance is so upscale that serving customers or friends using this cart can be considered a fine dining practice.

Catering carts review

Cosco has successfully created a minimalist designed futuristic cart with a tinge of a retro history for used in upscale dining.


This catering cart is made up of lightweight coated steel bars, that gives it the necessary tensile strength thus providing enough rigidity for the cart and the load it’s carrying.

In addition, the cart sports a novel folding technology SmartFold that made it reduce to a planar object of only about 5″ thickness.

Its lock enabled tires ensures easy mobility in any desired direction while the height is comfortable for most people.

#Sturdy design

Asides the lightweight of this catering cart, it offers a very low center of gravity to increase the stability of the cart while even in motion.

In addition, the catering cart has a lifting weight capacity of 150 lbs. (75 lbs. per surface) in comparison to its dead 24 lbs. weight. Even in its folded state, the cart still maintains high stability.

#Ease of assembly

This furniture boasts no tools needed assembly to get the entire product into shape from this box, this is achieved via immense coupling innovation and advancement.

This design makes assembling the entire device a walkover for most inquisitive people.

Cosco Indoor-Outdoor Folding Catering Cart Reviews Roundup

During our product testing, we were opportune to try the cart with people of different heights (as low as 5ft 3″ and as high as 6ft 3″) and our observations were priceless as they all recorded the height as being perfect for them.

Also, we observed that the catering cart was light enough to be moved around easily and carried around. Yet, it was sturdy enough to hold all the necessary weights before, during and after serving.

folding catering cart

Another point of note is the lightweight that enables it to be a perfect cart companion for elderly people seeking to control clutter in their living space.

Its ease of folding makes it a delight to most customers as you regain your space by simply folding it in less than 10 seconds and storing it away from sight until the next time it is needed.

Although slated not for commercial use, the carts quality is so good that it can be used for small light trips to a restaurant without accidents or incidences.

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Considering all these amazing facts about this Cosco catering cart, it is crucial to own these should you be frequently hosting friends.

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