Top Rated Outdoor Beverage Cart 2019 [Review]

Beverage Cart

Considering giving the office kitchen a new feel with an improved and durable beverage cart? Or are you contemplating reorganizing your kitchen to accommodate beverages on a single shelf or cart? This Outdoor beverage cart is your quick fix.

Do you own a restaurant or are you considering restocking the carts used in your food business? The sturdy and tough nature of this Heavy Duty Beverage Cart is useful in this regards.

Moreover, this cart sells for an affordable $149.00 on the Crayata Amazon Store.

When considering moving beverages around, loads of solutions exist in this regard, however securing one with immense commercial characteristics to ensure it remains in optimum shape after months or years of usage is critical.

To tackle this dilemma, we resorted to using various metrics for ranking and judging these carts based on the following criteria:

The first selection criteria for the beverage cart is the Durability,

The second is the Aesthetic appeal, the third criteria considered is the cart’s storage capacity and the fourth criteria we considered is the cart’s affordability.

Hailing from the stable of one of the global leading brands specialized in kitchen appliance manufacturing, Crayata; this beverage cart caters for the functionality conscious homeowners or business owners seeking to create a beverage spot within their space.

Outdoor Beverage Cart Key Features


Crayata’s beverage cart offers a dynamic mix of resilient materials with complementary properties that ensure the cart withstands considerable force.

It sports plastic shelves that help it withstand some compressive forces. For its frame, this cart sports aluminum legs to help provide the necessary high strength skeletal strength while minimizing its weight when compared to using similar metals.

#Storage capacity

This beverage cart is constructed with a mix of high-quality plastic, polypropylene, Aluminum, and rubber, thus giving it a resilient tensile strength such that its 32 lbs. weight can withstand 300 lbs. force spread evenly over its three tiers.

In addition, the beverage cart has two storage trays located in each handle to help store or contain small items. This comes in handy when things such as cutleries or napkins need to be kept.

#Ease of Mobility

Easy mobility is achieved in this cart by it using four over-sized 4” wheels, this enables it rides smoothly and hitch free on most surfaces such as pavement, grass, and tiles.

Also, it sports non slip grips on each of its handles that enables drivers to maintain a firm grip on the cart when pulling or pushing it, hence preventing accidents.

Outdoor Beverage Cart Reviews Roundup

Beverage Cart

When we received our order, we were thrilled to notice that the cart required minimal assembly which took less than 20 minutes to complete.

It was also noted that the carts shelves packed quite a punch as they neither caved nor damaged when we kept piling them with materials.

This testifies to stellar product quality and finishing.

One additional point of notice we made was the fact that the wheels were not locking which could lead to accidents.

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Overall, we believe it was a good investment and recommend it.

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