Best Outdoor Serving Cart in 2020 (Review & Guide)

Best Outdoor Serving Cart

The outdoor serving cart is very useful when there is an outdoor party arranged. You can either install it on the terrace or in the court yard.

Make each summer day a unique and stylish one with the Keter’s Unity XL-multifunctional table.

This outdoor serving cart serves great and is multi-functional when installing in a terrace or courtyard for any outdoor party arrangements.

It even works wonderfully for indoor kitchen organization. The outdoor serving cart comes with a huge working station and a spacious cupboard for storage.

This amazing item is designed in such a way to provide the best grilling options with a multipurpose serving area.

The outdoor serving cart on wheels furnishes the best barbecue surface which is convenient, compact, fashionable & weather-resistant.

This movable cart is easy to be rolled into a position to help in food preparation with multiple storage chambers and cooking accessories.

Its outside measurement is 48.7 L X 21.2 W X 35.4 H inches coupled with a storage facility of 78 gallons. Its attractive wood-like finish, resilient structure, and stainless steel top make Keter’s the best choice as a movable outdoor serving cart.

It comprises four S-shaped hooks for hanging the grilling tools, frames for storing spices and hanging paper towels.

Keter’s outdoor serving cart works beneficial because of its two changeable legs which provide strength and helps it to adjust with varied surfaces.

Plays a significant role as best party pal and an efficient gardening associate

Keter’s outdoor serving cart is the best option if you love to party with family and friends.

Be it indoors or outdoors if you have a multipurpose mobile kitchen station with serving, cutting roasting options then nothing can stop you from arranging a party.

This movable cart works amazing even when you are having a chit-chat session with your friends in the patio or courtyard while entertaining them with drinks and snacks. Its steel top surface and storage counters cater to your needs.

When gardening is your hobby then an outdoor serving cart can be your most useful companion.

The spacious storage area of this cart is the most suitable place where you can store all your gardening essentials.

The work station and two wide storage counters provide you with ample options to store soil, fertilizers, seeds, gloves, and all other garden equipment.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Outside measurements: 48.7 L X 21.2 W X 35.4 H inches
  • Storage capability: 78 gallons(54 gallons covered storage and 24 gallons open storage)
  • Hard-wearing Stainless Steel tabletop for preparing and presenting
  • Wood-like appearance gives a classy feel
  • Water-resistant resin structure to endure all weather conditions
  • Consisting of two side racks includes one hook frame with four hook pegs, spice stand, and bottle opener
  • Adjustable feet to stand on irregular surfaces.
  • Characteristics that are advantageous for you :
  • A sealed 78-gallon storage space with proper locking arrangements of Keter’s outdoor serving cart is highly beneficial to store plates, bowls, glasses and other cutleries for the party. you can stock your garden essentials in this storage area as well.

Outdoor Serving Cart

The outdoor serving cart provides a stainless steel top surface as a perfect working area for preparing and serving food.

With nearly no maintenance this top surface is a great place for preparing drinks and keeping various herbs and assortments.

The tabletop promises immunity against rust and can endure severe weather conditions because of the presence of water-resistant mastic.

Though the weight limit is 110lbs it can hold many things of lighter weight accompanied by the 320 degrees heat limit that lets you place anything under the heat limit upon it.

The serving cart also provides you with four S-hooks and one bottle opener that are exclusive to this product and ready to indulge you in their services anytime, anywhere.

The equipment is made of the highest quality material much like every other part of this product and located near the barbeque for easier access to the necessary utensils thus assisting in investing your time paying attention to other matters such as gossiping with friends or your family rather than preparing you to sort your kitchen shelf before time.

The infrastructure of the cart consists of modifiable legs adjoined with rotating wheels that help to push the cart forward on uneven as well as even surfaces with equal agility.

It has the potential to hold the burden of heavy materials whilst providing smooth, stainless first-class customer service.

The specialty of the outdoor servicing cart is storing essential equipment effectively within reach using simple organization methods and storing every individual item in places that would fit the best according to your needs.

The spice rack lets you store all sorts of delicious assortments and herbs at the top.

The shadow of the rock shelters a paper towel holder accommodating pure white paper towels ready to be used to one’s comfort and ease to locate when in dire need of cleaning spills of any kind.

The outdoor servicing cart on wheels consists of two surface wheels that help you move the cart without any difficulty at all.

The product maintains the same agility whether it is moving through uneven or even surfaces. It can be used anywhere and saves you from the effort of popping back to the kitchen every single time for a little look and helps you focus on the late-night party or family-friendly dinner as you work.

The product is having most five-star reviews for its distinguishing features

#Easy Installation

The product comes with an easy installation guide. Customers found this outdoor servicing cart is quite simple to assemble in much less time only by following the instruction guidelines thoroughly. Every single part is marked and designed perfectly to get installed properly.

The image instructions give full clarity to the easy installation process.

The workbook consists of several instructions and steps to make life easier for you even if it’s a simple task and helps you set up the right kind of environment quickly and effectively.

#Nice packaging

All the small and big parts are packaged properly. The big and heavy ones come in big boxes with innumerable small boxes holding the other subparts of the product.

Everything is stored carefully with no damage at all. The stainless steel top impressed the buyers with neat separate plastic packaging.

The packages themselves are handled with the utmost care and none of the pieces are broken of unmanageable.

#Multi-functional and interesting

Buyers are of opinion that this outdoor serving cart offers amazing multipurpose service with a pleasing design. The adjustable legs work brilliantly while stationing it on any uneven surface.

The serving cart can be used for many other purposes as well other than setting up a cuisine or storing gardening tools.

You can shelter your tv or even store clothes or other artifacts and materials according to your tastes.

#Durable and elegant

The tabletop is nicely-designed which makes it look elegant with its stainless steel top and durable at the same time which can endure different weather conditions if installed outside.

Though the table is made of plastic with a stainless steel surface it is strong and the sides are fastened giving it a great is assured that no one part would be a victim of rust and whilst the product hasn’t yet passed the challenge of time the product surely shows promise.

#Spacious storage section

The space and strength of the storage counter fascinate the buyers as well. The outdoor storage cart can hold the propane tank and various other gears efficiently as informed by different buyers.

The covered storage works great for storing bird seeds, tethers, chains, and other pet essentials properly.

The upper storage ledge also works fine with the buyers for keeping plates and napkins.

The Best Buy for BBQ at an Affordable Price

The outdoor serving cart offers an extra working area next to the grill with sufficient space to store the grill tools. It works great as it offers a place to cook, prepare and garnish at the same time.

It has tools designed for greater use and efficiency, assigned to different places all for the customer’s comfort. Real worth of money.

The outdoor storage cart is a good purchase for most of the buyers but the product also has a small list of unsatisfied clients.

Some of them claim that the product is water-resistant to some extent but not water-proof hence it becomes difficult to keep it outside during the winter months.

The storage cabinet is without a bolt so the locking facility is not up to the mark for certain buyers. To some, the tabletop counter with 430 stainless steel finish may get rusted when exposed outside for prolonged periods.

The instruction manual lacks clarity as some of the buyers find it difficult to assemble it properly and few top pieces are very sharp to handle.

The wheels are good for courtyard but not so good in lawn or grit as they are made of molded plastic.

The lower cabinet has beams only without a shelf. Poor customer service is also a concern for some of the buyers. It’s a little “light” and has no latch, but on the bright side, it has a clip that allows you to put on your padlock.

Commonly Asked Questions

1)What are the size dimensions?

The size dimensions are 29.6 in. L x 22.7 in.W x 35.4 in.H respectively.

2)Does the cabinet lock?

Whilst the other features might encase a lock, the cabinet door, however, doesn’t comprise of a lock.

3)Can you use a portable grill on top of the cart?

Yes, you can use a portable grill however be careful not to let the top get extremely hot as the melting point of the material is at 320 degrees.

4)State the actual dimensions of the table

The dimensions of the table without taking the accessories into account is approximately 45 1/8 inch X 20 3/8 inch.


The Keter’s exclusive outdoor serving cart consisting of both simple and complex mechanisms is made sorely to serve your idea of an impromptu event with amazing agility and build.

Keter Unity XL is certainly the best option for the multi-use outdoor serving cart. It has two sizes.

The smaller version has a square-shaped table top comprising a single shelf and a cabinet while the bigger version has a really wide rectangular shaped table with a more capacious shelf and a double-door storage counter.

The cart comes with a combo of four metal S hooks, a stainless steel tabletop, a spice rack, and a paper towel holder, all organized and designed to your comfort and greater utility.

The two surface wheels made out of the highest quality of molded plastic that adorn the adjustable legs permit the cart to be pushed anywhere, anytime helping you to set up a mobilized world-class cuisine right under your nose within a few minutes.

The outdoor serving cart of Keter is deliberately planned for people staying in varied places with different tastes

The product comes with a specialized guide that works through the steps in setting up the cart and describes the features of the product in utmost detail, filling in every doubt you have like sand in a jar full of marbles.

The product upon improvement is immune to rust which seems to be a breakthrough in the case of steel or metal products.

The outdoor cart is being improved every day to reply to the infrequent complaints to develop a product that stands as an example of truly perfect.

Apart from these eye-widening cuisine features the cart, fortunately, holds the capability to store gardening tools and is ready to become your assistant anytime in your lifetime with the minor inconvenience of pushing it to its designated place.

Whilst automatic carts have not yet been invented it is always better to have high hopes for the future than have none at all.

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