Best Outdoor Serving Cart on Wheels in 2020 (Reviewed)

Best Outdoor Serving Cart on Wheels

An outdoor serving cart on wheels is a perfect combination of style and utility. The best part of these is that they come pre-assembled.

Are you searching for the perfect outdoor serving cart on wheels then your search ends here with Cosco’s INTELLIFIT indoor and outdoor serving cart.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors without any need for assembling. This outdoor serving cart on wheels is incredibly lightweight and is hassle-free.

The product comes with extra space provided for drinks and utensils and can be stored easily when not in use.

It can be used anywhere, anytime and nestles comfortably in any part of the room when it is stacked and folded for future use.

INTELLIGENT outdoor serving cart on wheels also serves as the model kitchen aid that stores almost all kinds’ equipment in the two shelves provided for storage up to 75 lbs.

The wheels are of superior quality and are easier to move from one place to another.

The product has a steel frame with the dimensions being33.46 (H) x 19.29 (W) x 32.68 (D) approximately and weighs about 19.54 pounds.

It uses a metal finish to produce the perfect product with a sturdy and reliable design.

The outdoor serving cart on wheels is weather resistant and can endure all kinds of weather conditions without damaging itself for at least 1 year according to the product warranty.

Cosco’s outdoor serving cart on wheels works brilliantly as an outdoor party entertainer with multiple storage facilities for beverages and dishes.

This well-made movable outdoor cart offers simple storage by folding it to 5.1-inch Width X 19.3 inch Diameter X 42.5inch Height. It comes with 4 hard-wearing wheels which include 2 lockable swivels as well.

There is no need to assemble the cart and can be used immediately after unpacking it. Each rack is tough enough to withstand 75 pounds of load.

It has a shipping weight of 23.1 pounds and holds rank among the best-selling item.

Outdoor Serving Cart on Wheels

Cosco’s outdoor serving cart on wheels is not an exception to SMARTFOLD technology as other Cosco products can also be easily folded flat and stored.

The cart is pretty strong structurally. It rolls beautifully without making marks or scratches on the floor and is navigable around the turnings.

The product can also be used for gardening purposes. If you are a nature lover you might enjoy using this cart to store all the gardening essentials such as fertilizers, seeds, water cans, and other gardening tools.

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Know more about Cosco:

Cosco is a recognized brand reigning for over 75 years as one of the leading manufacturers of home and office products.

Being one of the reliable brands Cosco works to ease daily life by manufacturing step tools, portable furniture, ladders and so on both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Cosco aims to strike a perfect balance between style and utility with all its merchandise.

Cosco’s INTELLIFIT deals with a wide range of outdoor furniture. This furniture is wisely designed not only to save your space but to amplify the magnificence of the place as well.

This economical and sturdy furniture can be used anywhere from your patio to terrace as they are easy to bend and store.

The folding chairs of INTELLIFIT offer style in your daily life by making the apt use of your outdoor space. Its effortless storage feature is quite appealing to get into a party or any celebration.

Key features of the cart at a glance:

  • Structure: Rectangular in shape
  • Colour: Brown
  • Measurements (total): 33.46 (H) x 19.29 (W) x 32.68 (D)
  • Material: Steel Frame
  • Hardware: Powder-coated Steel
  • Weight: 19.54 pounds
  • Metal Quality: Steel
  • Weight endurance: 75 pounds each shelf
  • Quantity of shelves: 2
  • Upper shelf: 26.5 inches from the ground
  • Lower shelf: 10 inches from the ground
  • Shielding quality: unaffected by extreme weather conditions
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Commonly asked questions

Q: What is the measurement of the rolling cart from the ground?

Ans: The outdoor rolling cart is 27 inches from the ground to the top rack.

Q: Whether the cart will have slats or be solid as shown in the images?

Ans: The slats of the cart are organized closely to give it a solid appearance.

Q: How much weight can the shelves resist?

Ans: As mentioned in the instruction manual each shelf can withstand a load of 75 lbs.

Q: Can the racks take the load of a 10-gallon aquarium?

Ans: It is not advisable to put a 10-gallon aquarium consisting of sand gravel and other tools on the rack as it may exceed the maximum weight limit of the rack.

Q: What are the dimensions of the moving cart?

Ans: The moving cart has 15inches X 30 inches dimensions with elevated rims.

Q: What are the depths of the trays?

Ans: The depths of the trays are 15inches width and 31inches length.

Q: Is the height of the outdoor cart unsuitable for a charcoal BBQ grill to be placed on its top shelf?

Ans: It is about 6 inches lower than the desired height for stationing a BBQ grill.

Q: is the cart strong enough for keeping multiple beverages? 

Ans: The cart is quite sturdy to resist the load of the beverages.

Q: Can the cart take the load of a television?

Ans: Yes, It can as written in the instruction manual.

Q: Is there any moving cart with solid shelves?

Ans: Yes, the teal and white shades have solid structure while the brown ruby and green are slatted

Q: How much is the gap between the two shelves?

Ans: There is a gap of 13.37 inches between the two shelves.

Q: Is the handle made of plastic or any metal?

Ans: Yes the rolling cart has plastic handles.

Q: Can multiple kitchen appliances be stored together in the cart?

Ans: This sturdy and useful cart can store anything within its weighing capacity. The metal slats are too strong to endure weight quite easily.

Q: Can it be used as gardening essential?

Ans: Yes, definitely it can be used to keep soil bags, fertilizers, water cans, and other necessary gardening tools.

Q: Are the wheels scratch-proof?

Ans: The wheels of the cart are soft enough to form scratches on the floor be it of hardwood, linoleum or carpet.

Q: What is the height of the handles of the cart?

Ans: The handles are 7 inches high from the shelf.

Q: Is the rack flat enough to place a printer?

Ans: You can place a printer on the flat surface of the racks provided the size of the printer does not exceed 15inches.

Q: Can it withstand the load of 43lb microwave oven?

Ans: The sturdy structure of the cart can resist that much weight.

Q: What will be its width after folding?

Ans: It is almost 5 ¼ inches in width when folded.

Q: Can the side beams be left aside before assembling the cart?

Ans. The hassle-free cart doesn’t need assembling at all and the side beams give extra support to the cart.

Q: Does the rolling cart have lockable wheels?

Ans: This beautiful and solid cart has an amazing finish with two lockable wheels.

Q: Can the wheels get rusted?

Ans: The wheels are light in weight with easy moving capability. It can corrode after some time but won’t rust at all.

Q: Which country manufactures this cart?

Ans: This sturdy and durable cart with easy folding options is manufactured in China.

Q: Does the cart have plastic wheels?

Ans: The wheels are made of solid rubber with metal holders.

Q: What is the measurement of the upper shelf?

Ans: The dimensions of the upper shelf are31 inches X 15 inches.

Q: Are the shelves supported with edges?

Ans: Yes, this cart works amazing with its high edges for keeping plates or for storing beverage glasses and thus prevents it from falling.

Q: Can the shelves endure the temperature of the hot vessels?

Ans: The metal shelves can resist heat but it is advisable to put a pad or a towel under the hot vessels.

Q: Can the cart work without wheels?

Ans: The wheels can be locked if you want to station it permanently but if you wish to use it without wheels then you might need some protective caps to cover its legs.

Explanation on Key Features

The outdoor serving cart on wheels has a maximum 5-star feedbacks for its exemplary features:-

Sturdy structure:

Many of the reviewers have claimed that the structure of the outdoor cart on wheels is astonishingly sturdy and can hold numerous gadgets and tools on both of the racks sometimes even exceeding the weight limit and is a great help around the house or even outdoors.

Amazingly easy to assemble:

Substantial customers have often claimed that the cart is very easy to assemble without actually demanding to be assembled other than screwing on the wheels which are very easy to do itself as it hardly takes not more than 10 minutes to be attached.

Gratifying color and matte finish:

Consumers are greatly satisfied with the color of the product and the glossy matte finish that fits and adjusts well to the surroundings better than the said metallic finish.

Requires the least space in your room:

Users have repeatedly deemed that this product requires very little space and is easily foldable and can be doubled flat which immensely fluctuates from the other products which are often not foldable and use up a lot of space in storing it when not in use.

Beautifully multi-functional:

Clients are impressed with the versatile uses of the cart. It can be used for transporting or even storing things whether outside or inside closed doors. it can hold portable grills and supplies such as paints or beverages and even can be used as an outstanding gardening essential.

Final words

Cosco’s exclusive outdoor serving cart on wheels made out of the highest quality steel with a lustrous metallic finish is produced sorely to serve your idea of a perfect storage cart which is both lightweight and can efficaciously carry your circadian items.

The cart comes partially assembled with two foldable shelves that can hold up to 50lbs and 2 pairs of wheels that come with a wrench that helps you tighten the wheels onto the legs.

The cart is weather-resistant and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is super easy to move around and requires the least effort to be wheeled around even by customers with physical difficulties.

A customer has been reported to have said that it only took her 10 minutes to screw on the wheels which are an exemplary accomplishment as she has arthritis in her hands and finds the cart extremely easy to move around and store in her apartment.

As many satisfied customers have reported the cart can store various items with little difficulty and can be folded to occupy the least space in the room.

A customer has also reported that her cart can hold up to one 5 tier cake in each shelf that makes it easier for her to transport these cakes in time to the designated location and is also an exceptional work surface.

However, despite the positive reviews some people complain that the wheels are not sturdy enough and fail after approximately 10 months of use which is two months earlier than the warranty states.

In this case, you can trace Cosco’s support number to come in contact with the manufacturer to get the spare wheels without spending a single penny.

There have also been several said reviews that complain that the color of the product differs massively from the given picture.

To solve this problem Cosco’s employees are working day and night to ensure the quality and color of the product to assist your needs.

Putting aside the infrequent negative reviews that Cosco is desperately trying to improve, this outdoor serving cart on wheels is your verified assistant in terms of carrying your circadian items around the house or even storing utensils and cuisine delicacies.

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