Best Folding Wagon of 2019 (Review & Buyer Guide)

Best Folding Wagon

As the years go by, various levels of innovation and customer-centered design approaches are infused into already existing products to make them more customer friendly and trendy. In the case of wagons or carts, some of these innovations have produced some of the best folding wagon currently in the market.

folding wagon

Whether you’re a photographer moving gears from the trunk of the car to a particular location or you’re a mother of four energetic children moving toys and beach stuff over to the preferred spot on the shoreline, there is a defined need for space saving when loading a cart into the trunk.

A more collapsible or better folding wagon ensures there is more space in the trunk for items crucial to your outing.

In line with this need for space saving, various solutions have been developed to address the challenge, leading to some innovative and some awkward carts or wagons.

We, however, took the liberty of researching the easiest and best folding wagon available online.

Although swarmed by a humongous heap of competing products available on online stores such as, we were able to narrow our focus to identify the outstanding products and what makes them unique as the best folding wagons.

Our decision was based on four selection criteria;

The first is the ease of folding the wagon – being the primary feature we considered for this article, various carts were ranked based on their ability to be folded easily and to what degree they fold.

In addition, the second criteria used is the functionality of the best folding wagon– its ability to easily transport gears on various surfaces with a minimum physical strain on the user.

Collapsible Folding Beach Wagon Cart

Moreover, the third criteria considered is the storage space –  basically ranking the carts under review based on the usable space they each offer.

The fourth criteria are the affordability of the wagon – rating each wagon based on the stated price as a function of their capabilities, thus a more robust affordability matrix.

From the design of the wagon, it is easily recognizable that it appeals to the more fashionable ease conscious professionals and millennials seeking to make a statement with the wagon.

Its outstanding features and pedigree make it a remarkable best folding wagon and the fact that it sells at an affordable $114.99 on Amazon.

Designed, manufactured a distributed by the reputable outdoor sports brand MAC Sports, this wagon is poised to steal the hearts of their ever-increasing customer base given its ease of use and strong aesthetic appeal.

For the better part of the past two decades, the firm has grown its product range to include various market-leading innovations like those highlighted on this Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Beach Wagon Cart

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Beach Wagon Cart Key Features

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Beach Wagon Cart Reviews Roundup

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Best Folding Wagon Cart Key Features

This best folding wagon is considered the best folding cart because it brandishes a host of features that make its stance unarguable.

These features can be divided into separate buckets

folding wagon

#Easy transport and steering

The Mac Sports Collapsible Beach Wagon possesses extra large threaded wheels for easy motion on all surface types, including loose beach sand.

Its two front tires are steerable and sit in perfect alignment with the rear tires when folded. In addition, the cart is steered effortlessly by its tilting adjustable handle

#Compact folding

When folded the cart reduces from a 36.2″ x 21.4″ x 24.6″ capacity to 31.5″ x 21.4″ x 9.7″ that can easily be dunked into its carrying case.

This high compact folding ensures the cart doesn’t consume much space in the car trunk, thereby making mobility easier.

In addition, this folding wagon can be folded or expanded in less than 30 seconds with the help of a rope.

#Large storage capacity

This cart is established on a sturdy heavy duty steel frame that has the capacity to carry about 150 lbs.

Also, the fabric used is durable 600 Denier fabric that provides ample carriage for all gears and is easily cleaned.

In addition, it comes with two coffee cup holders that can serve as pouches to hold handy gadgets or devices during haulage.

#Breath Taking Design

The design of this wagon is absolutely stunning, coming in various shades and colors, it offers customers the flexibility to own the most functional cart on the market in the color they prefer.

Asides the color, the fabric feel (600 Denier Fabric), and its easy clean capabilities make owning the wagon pleasurable as compared to other wagons that need immense scrubbing to remove stains.

Additionally, the wagon’s frame sheer strength makes another point for innovative design, it feels gentle to the touch ET capable of withstanding so much weight – up to 150 pounds.

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Best Folding Wagon Cart Reviews Roundup

This folding wagon lived up to our expectation when we tested it and it drove seamlessly through the sand although we had loaded it with beach bags, coolers gears etc.

Its wider wheel makes for superb sand rolling, thus easier mobility. Its use during picnics was also outstanding as it gracefully rode through the lawn with no extra pull or fuss, this device is certainly recommended for those constantly outdoors. It offers a valuable set of hands to grab and transport items locally.


Additionally, this folding cart is a show stealer, as it literally gives owners an immense edge over others at the beach.

While they are struggling to pull their carts along the beach, using the MAC sports Beachcomber makes pulling your gear seem effortless.

During the course of testing, we even had multiple visitors ask us about the cart and making further inquiries about where we bought it from.

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Having said all these, this folding wagon is a definite must-have for regular beach folks of all ages.

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