Top Rated Best Collapsible Wagon 2019 (Guide & Review)

Best Collapsible Wagon

Organizing an outdoor event such as camping or fishing with family and friends? Or supporting a colleague or a cause you care about with active participation in their annual events?

Swarmed with multiple things or gears to lift, to arrange or to transfer from one end of the venue to another, yet dreading the entire manual lifting process?

You are not alone in this scary quagmire… millions of people face this issue daily and have developed various solutions to solve it, you need the best collapsible wagon.

In an energy use the conscious world, ridden with air pollution and the countless negative impacts it has on the ecosystem and the earth’s sustainability, the most viable solutions for short distance (less than 1 km) goods transfer (below 150 lb) are collapsible wagons.

collapsible Wagon

Pound for pound, these innovative solutions offer more positive benefits for short range distances than their fuel powered counterparts because of the heightened running cost, the breakdown frequency and the environmental impact they create.

Researching various products on Amazon, we stumble upon a myriad of solutions making bold promises to solve this mobility issue.

However, the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon stole the show with its innovative design, diverse functionalities, durable material and amazing price point.

Moreover, our selection criteria for ranking and deciding the best collapsible wagon is based on the following characteristics:

The first criteria are the ease of assembly- this wagon from Mac Sport is asserted to be easily collapsible into a very small steel slate, thereby ensuring it sits perfectly into most medium sized space in the trunk of even the smallest car.

In addition, all members of the collapsible wagon are innovatively designed to collapse appropriately, with little or no obtrusion or physical discomfort to the lifting surface.

Best wagon

Also, the second criteria used was the price point – this wagon came in at a fairer price when compared to similar wagons in its size, wheelbase and collapsible framework.

The third criteria are the wagon’s functionality – this wagon is described as a very viable cart for various functional uses including shopping, camping, fishing and even picnicking.

Given its 150 lbs. weight capacity, its collapsible making it user-friendly and its low price point, the wagon is a go-to solution for most outdoor activities.

Furthermore, the fourth criteria used was the quality of material used – Mac Sports used Durable 600D polyester fabric for the holding materials in the wagon, the entire frame was constructed with high strength lightweight steel hence ensuring its total product weight sums up to 22 lbs.while capable of comfortably transporting 150 lbs. per trip on concrete and 50 lbs. on deep sand.

On all metrics used, our best collapsible wagon ranked very highly, maintaining the top spot in three of the four metrics and it sells for $129.99 on Mac Sports store on Amazon.

This wagon is designed with the end users in mind as it targets the highly social yet professional customers within the teenage and early thirties age brackets that are passionate about the outdoors and organizing or supporting events.

Over the last century, its manufacturing brand Mac Sports has built a stellar reputation within the camping and leisure scene as a manufacturer of innovative and best in class wagons and mobility solutions.

  • Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon Key Features
  • Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon Reviews Roundup

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Best Collapsible Wagon Key Features

What makes this wagon distinguished from its peers or comparable wagons is its sheer combination of all the right or desired qualities in the right proportion, thus pointing to a superior market analysis fueling a more customer-oriented product design process.

These features Centre around four features:

#Easy transportation

Folding wagon

The wagon achieves this solution by sporting the following features: four Giant threaded beach wheels (4″x10″) to effortlessly roll over different types of surfaces ranging from snow to beach sand.

In addition, it has an extendable tilting handle that makes hauling stuff easier by the use of mechanical advantage as its base principle.

#Spacious storage space

When open, the wagon has these open dimensions: 36.2″ L x 21.4 W x 24.59 H which is ample space for varying various gears and fixtures for outdoor activities.

When folded the wagon has the following folded dimensions: 31.48″ L x 21.4″ W x 9.64″ H which is less than 10” thick.

In addition, it comes with a carrying case for carrying and transferring the folded wagon.

#Innovative materials

The manufacturers made use of globally recognized heavy duty materials in designing the best collapsible wagon.

This basically hinges on its use of 600D fabric which is high strength, durable and easily cleaned.

Additionally, it makes use of steel as its frame thus offering it stellar tensile strength and resilience while keeping its weight to a controllable minimum.

#Extra functionalities

To address its customers concerns, Mac Sports went the extra mile to make some extra features available on the wagon for improved customer experience.

The most noticeable being the two mobile phone/ coffee holders on the wagon for storing handheld devices or coffee when transporting gears.

Additionally, it sports a height adjustable handle for improved comfort during usage.

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Best Collapsible Wagon Reviews Roundup

During our product testing, the most noticeable feature of this device is its easy fold-ability.

Unlike most counterparts, this collapsible wagon can be folded completely in less than 30 seconds.

Best Collapsible Wagon

Moreover, its large threaded wheels made moving it through mud and uneven terrains very easy and less cumbersome than competitors.

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The quality of the materials used is so great that it can be used for grocery shopping or for even moving toddlers during play.

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