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Have you ever been faced with that awkward decision on what tool to use to convey your numerous beach items – Volleyballs, change of outfit, Sunscreens, Plastic Beach Toys for the kids, low chairs, Bag with towels, SLR in case, Baby Bag, Soft Cooler, Pocketbook etc.? or have you ever been so overwhelmed by the thought of conveying your baggage around the crammed beach that you suddenly become immobilized and uninterested in making the trip? If so, you are not alone, you need the best beach cart available.

best beach cart

From our market research on the subject, we have found that various individuals and families frequently dread making plans for spending their vacations and leisure on the silt and sun-soaked expanse of their local beach or of an internationally acclaimed tourism beach.

One of their major concerns was how exactly to move all their clutter and baggage from one end of the beach to another with little or no efforts or external help needed.

Our solution was to research and test the apex amazon beach carts that are acclaimed to solve this problem for their endless purchases and our findings inform the basis of this articles.

Amidst the plethora of carts present on Amazon, we constantly had to read through the reviews, research the reputation of the product manufacturers, research the material quality and decide strategically on our purchases.

What makes our selection of the best inline beach cart was the sheer volume of positive reviews it amassed with almost 900 reviews, its impressive selection as an Amazon’s Choice product and its seemingly endless functionality.

#Our selection focused on four prongs;

The first was the reputation of the manufacturing firm – being a basic customer awareness tactic, it is crucial to select the best beach cart based on the reputation of the brand (Rio) it wears

The second decision criteria were the functionality – these carts make it to our best beach cart list because it sports various functionalities such as its 15 cubic foot of storage space, wide all terrain back wheels with accentuating front wheels.

It also sports a side umbrella holder, a removable tote bag, extendable stroller type handle among other deluxe features.

The third prong was the carts pricing – given the immense functionalities it embraces, it is amazing to see the cart comes in below $80, which makes its offer enticing.

Furthermore, the last criteria used in selection was the durability of the materials used; the handle grips are made with neoprene for increase grip force, its netting is made with heavy-duty mesh fabric and the frame is made of steady steel alloy.

In the light of all these admirable features and specifications, the Rio Wonder Wheeler Deluxe goes for $79.93 on Amazon (as of 09:13 PST – More info) and is sold directly by its internationally reputable brand Rio.

Rio is was founded in 1947, offering its customers the highly fashionable and trendy beach and backyard furniture manufactured with outstanding material quality.

The firm’s vision is committed to service, quality, and innovation to its geographically diverse but quality conscious customers.

  • Rio Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Beach Cart Key Features
  • Rio Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Beach Cart Review

Rio Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Best Beach Cart Key Features

The wonder wheeler lives up to its reputation and customer expectation as it offers diverse functionalities with utmost precision and quality, thus ranking as the best beach cart. It offers the following key features to owners.

#Beach Ready Design

The most visible feature of this beach cart is the innovative and thorough design that was put into consideration. It highlights the following features.

–              See through visibility: the storage space is designed with industrial grade mesh material that offers see-through capabilities, hence making loading and unloading easy and effective.

beach cart

–              Foldable design: The entire cart is designed in such a way that it can be collapsed into a very small portable shape that would fit into most trunks prior to loading it with items.

–              Bottom tray: This deluxe beach cart offers a bottom tray that serves as a protection from sand penetrating the mesh material storage space. This


This outstanding device goes the extra mile to achieve durability for its 15 cubic feet storage frame by ensuring all the materials used are rugged and dynamically durable.

The mesh netting used for the container is an industrial grade material, neoprene grips, and high strength steel are used for the frame.

Thus ensuring it can withstand immense pressure placed by the container, the pulling or pushing force and the resistance force of the sand. Its 10” threaded wheels made of durable plastic helps make navigating the sandy shores easier and seamless. Outstanding aesthetics


This Rio Deluxe cart has a 100 lbs. weight capacity, a Removable tote for conveying various substances or tools around the beach without necessarily moving the whole cart.

In addition, it has an umbrella holder for securing umbrellas in anticipation of a downpour or for solar shields.

This cart can also pass for a regular shopping cart as its wheels perform perfectly on cement and saving your back from strain.

Rio Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Best Beach Cart Review

As at the time of writing this article, the Rio Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Beach Cart had amassed 897 customer reviews, 61% were 5 stars and 20% were 4 stars, thus closing at 4.3 rating of 5 stars.

beach cart reviews

When we reviewed the frame, it was easy to notice that its frame was very sturdy yet very light.

In addition, we noticed the tote bags were eco-friendly and cold insulating thus ensuring longer hours of food kept warm or at the desired temperature.

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Also, it is noticeably very easy to assemble and disassemble based thus sealing its position as the best way to effectively move stuff around on a beach.

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  1. This cart has saved my back so many times from having it. I enjoy using it for a shopping cart and appreciated how easy it is to use on cement.

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