The Best Beach Cart For Sand 2019 (Review with Guide)

Best Beach Cart For Sand

Having a craving for some cool outdoor breeze or for surfing on an ocean tide? Or anticipating a family time out to a buzzing beach resort for some time out? Yet totally concerned about your children’s exposure to harm while playing in the sand, hence considering getting the best beach cart for sand to indulge their creativity while controlling their exposure?

Do not feel ashamed of such concerns as you are not alone, some research has shown that this is a growing concern for most beach going parents.

Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

They constantly feel the need to make their children’s experience at the beach unforgettable while striving to minimize health risks that might occur while playing with beach sand.

We researched over thirty different carts within this scene to get the best cart for sand and all roads led to the Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon.

This wagon is collapsible and comes in various colors ranging from pink to grey.

Thus allowing it to be used for various reasons, either for use by children to convey their toys and beach gadgets from the car trunk to the shoreline, or it can be used by families to move picnic materials – food, cooler, mats, umbrellas etc. to the desired spot on the beach.

Moreover, this cart can be used on the open field for example in parks to convey stuff whether gears or food to the reserved or preferred spot while avoiding making multiple trips to the cars.

On Amazon only, there seem to be countless carts, all promising to exceed their buyer’s expectations.

This best beach cart for sand stands at the apex of the pack because of a myriad of reasons but primarily because it has been able to amass a 4 Stars of 5 stars rating from its 4,000+ verified customer order. Thus sealing its position as the #1 Best Selling Best Beach Cart For Sand on Amazon.

During our research, our decision process was influenced primarily by three different selection criteria.

The first criteria were functionality, this judges the implements ability to transport stuff or gear effectively without incidences or complaints, the functionality is most often judged predominantly by customer reviews and feedback.

beach cart for sand

The second criteria used to refine our decision was the cart’s aesthetic appeal.

Although these criteria are relatively subjective, the fact that this utility cart comes in various hues makes a valid assertion for its market-leading stance.

In addition, the third criteria used was brand reputation, which basically considers the track record of the manufacturing firm responsible for the product and the reputation of the materials used in manufacturing the cart.

Lastly, the fourth criteria used was affordability, these criteria don’t refer to the cheapest cart but basically compares the prices as a function of their capabilities or value offering.

Across the board, this utility cart ranks as the best beach cart for sand because it had the highest positive functionality reviews in its category, it comes in as much as seven different colors for varied aesthetics marketing.

Furthermore, it comes from the stable of a globally reputable outdoor ware design firm Mac Sports and it offers immense value for its relatively cheap price.

It currently sells on the Mac Sports store on Amazon for $69.23 only.

Over the last 20+ years, MAC sports has built its business and reputation to be a global leader in manufacturing and distributing recreational furniture and equipment, offering most of their products in multiple colors.

They have delved into more innovative or audacious product lines like anti-gravity loungers, tension chairs, hammocks etc.

This particular product was designed for the entire family ranging from grandpa’s seeking to have a blissful day at the park to kids looking to build sand castles on the beach.

  • Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon Key Features
  • Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon Reviews Roundup

Best Beach Cart For Sand Outdoor Utility Wagon Key Features

This beach cart is inundated with diverse novel features, however, we would take a holistic view of its functionalities as we group them into three buckets for enumeration purposes and these are:

Best Beach Cart For Sand

#Spacious storage

The Collapsible nature of this cart makes it easily assembled, in less than 30 seconds, the cart comes from its folded 8” thickness to the full-blown 35″ x 20″ x 23″.

When folded it is occupied 29.5″ x 20″ x 8″ space, graciously packed within its included carry case thereby ensuring it fits seamlessly into most trunks.

The volume it wields makes it ideal and effective for moving large items for outdoor events.

#Easy Mobility

Its low center of gravity, coupled with its threaded tires enable it to have perfect balance and steering when used on sandy surfaces.

It also comes with an adjustable handle for easy control and coordination. Furthermore, the wagon sports two coffee cup holders that can also serve as mobile phone holders.

#Durable Materials

The frame is made of high-grade steel used in heavy duty machines while its fabric is made of 600D fabric that is easily cleaned.

This fabric and frame combination allows you easily transport up to 150 lbs. without tear which is approximately the size of a grown adult.

Best Beach Cart For Sand Outdoor Utility Wagon Reviews Roundup

This Mac Sports Collapsible wagon brandishes an outstanding 5 stars review rating of 80% from its 4,000+ reviews.

Beach folding cart

When we decided to test the cart in person, we noticed that its folding mechanism was one of the simplest available.

With a pull of a string at the center, we got the entire frame to collapse to the 8” starting thickness.

amazon buy now buttonWe also noticed it was quite sturdy, coming in about 22 lbs. and heavy duty, it just could replace the regular grocery cart.

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  1. Love how easily it collapses. I have been able to haul hundreds of pounds of materials that stacked twice as high and had no issue. Even on grass.

  2. Really terrific “buggy” as I call them. I ordered another one also!! Slides and glides so easily with practically no effort.

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