The Best Beach Wagon with Big Wheels 2019 (Review & Buyer Guide)

Beach Wagon with Big Wheels

Craving spending some alone time away from the bustlings of city life? longing for a long-planned vacation experience with the kids? preferably going to the sun-baked shoreline? If so, you really should consider getting a beach wagon with big wheels to help you convert your gears effortlessly from the parking lot.

In line with the popular saying “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”, making adequate preparations with respect to your beach plans helps make the actual event as seamless and eerie as possible because all foreseen issues might have been sorted.

So, when planning to spend some quality time in the beach, rewinding from the long work year during the heights of summer, it makes perfect sense to invest in some gadgets and gears to make these experiences count.

beach wagon with big wheels for sand

Various designer and product manufacturing brands have taken a shot at solving this problem of beach mobility, with only a few commendable successes.

They basically center about ensuring the wagons in question have multiple large grooves on their large wheels to cushion the effect of the weight of the gears in the carts against the loose sand.

On Amazon, we stumbled upon numerous such carts and had to establish a ranking system to select the most viable solutions.

Our final choice was the Ollieroo Outdoor beach wagon with big wheels. These big wheels offer immense product distinction for this beach wagon.

The selection criteria employed used a mixture of intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics to judge the perceived commercial success of these beach wagons with big wheels.

The first of such criteria that we considered was the aesthetics; this basically refers to how appealing and attractive a particular cart was to the observer or potential buyers perceptive senses such as the eyes.

Durability was the next criteria we used in consideration of the most promising beach wagon with big wheels, this considered the degree of fitness for purpose these wagons achieved and how their longevity should last.

Also, we considered the third criteria of storage space which took into cognizance the lifting and haulage capacity of each wagon, which determines how much time-saving customers can achieve with these wagons.

The last criteria we considered was the affordability of the wagons, just how much are customers willing to pay for them versus how much the cart goes for on Amazon, thus providing a glimpse into the buyer’s decision-making dilemma.

beach wagon for sand

This wagon is designed for the quality-conscious yet price sensitive beach enthusiast who constantly frequents the beach with the host of gadgets and gears.

It could be a 60-year-old granny seeking a timeout at her favorite vacation spot or an 18-year-old college student seeking to hang out with friends at the beach.

The design is so trendy that it has a wide customer base appeal.

Ollieroo Express is an all American brand that is focused on providing customers with high-end sports, outdoor, home, and garden equipment.

Also, the firm constantly strives to ensure its price points are highly competitive to help its customers gain immense cost savings while experiencing no tradeoff in value or quality.

This Ollieroo Outdoor Beach Wagon with big wheels sells on the Ollieroo Express store on Amazon for $108.99.

Interestingly, this product ranked top of our list because of a host of functions. Functions that can be seen to correlate superbly with our selection criteria.

Ollieroo Outdoor Beach Wagon with Big Wheels Key Features

This beach wagon is a budding top seller in its category as it currently amassed a 4.2 of 5 stars rating from the 80+ review which is admirable for a product in a flooded niche.


This beach wagon with big wheels has over time become a very versatile and multifunctional member of most families that own it.

Given its easy foldability and its lightweight structure, it is most often used for camping, shopping, picnicking and visiting the beach.

Activities that would make other wagons cringe and get faulty in no time actually serve as the natural habitat for this cart.

Its wide colorful wheels that math its fabric absorbs the payload’s weight while cruising gently across the surface.

Also, the heavy duty steel frame makes the wagon’s ability to lift various types of gears, groceries, and supplies possible.

Beach Wagon


This wagon comes pre-assembled with four large 7″ X 4″ heavy duty rubber wheels that serve as perfect shock absorbers and friction grips (using their deep grooved threads) when navigating various surfaces.

This cart also comes with a sturdy long handle that is tiltable and helps pull the cart in the desired direction.

The palm slot of this handle comes padded to cushion the effect of the load’s pressure on the finger, thus making pulling more pleasant.

#Storage Space

This beach wagon expands from a 48.5″ x 20″ x 19.3″ size when fully opened to a compact size of only 30.5” x 20” x 8” when folded for storing.

When in this folded phase, it seats perfectly into its carry case and minimally disrupts the arrangement in the trunk of any medium sized car it sits.

Also, its storage space supports a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs.


The entire product speaks of quality, from the sturdy steel frame that is made of industrial grade heavy duty steel that is powder coated, to the wheels that are made from heavy-duty plastic.

Also, its fabric is made using 600D polyester fabric that is weather resistant and not easily stained.

These inclinations for using top-notch input materials in designing this wagon ensures the final product stand the test of time according to the Garbage In Garbage out principle.

Ollieroo Outdoor Beach Wagon with Big Wheels Reviews Roundup

When we review the product, we realized that setting it up was relatively easy using the instruction manual that came with the box.

Additionally, we realized that loading the cart past its recommended weight would result in its inability to roll properly in loose sand, thus leading to frustration.

beach wagon for sand big wheels

Additionally, we noticed that with its larger rubber wheels, the wagon had more traction on the same soil sample than other wagons, thereby making its purchase a no-brainer and even an essential when the primary aim is for use in the beach.

The only better wheel solutions available online are the inflatable tire ones.

amazon buy now button

However, it should be noted that the price difference between the two carts might not be justifiable for most families or individuals that visit the beach a few times annually.

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  1. The bigger wheels are so much better than those small ones. Pulled right through all the sand. Sharp turns it does tip.

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