Top Rated Best Beach Utility Cart 2019 (Review & Recommendation)

best Beach Utility Cart

Are you in love with the serene manner in which the huge tidal waves slap boisterously against the sun-soaked beach sand during the summer months? And are you anticipating your countless visits there this season and all the run you would have? Rock this summer with a beach utility cart.

Are your teenagers breathing down your throat for a visit to the beach or your toddlers nagging for another visit to their local beach during the coming summer months?

Yet you feel overwhelmed by the level of preparation and logistics required to birth this family vacation. If so, let this beach utility cart handle all your logistics.

best Beach Utility Cart

With the current trend in sporadic technological advancements, it is little wonder that the level of innovative solutions to any problems has improved in their efficiency.

To solve this need for beach mobility, having a highly durable utility cart with ample storage space and extra wide wheels is necessary for navigating the sandy beach.

Such innovative solutions often find their most devoted customers online seeking answers to their questions.

Hence, when we decided to research beach utility carts, Amazon was our go-to retailer.

We were however astounded by the Plethora of solutions listed on the site, thereby calling for an understanding of their value propositions and their differentiating factors.

Immediately after perusing through most of the solutions available on Amazon, we decided to create a selection ranking that made use of four criteria to select the most promising beach utility cart to handle all the beach mobility issues users post daily.

The first criteria we considered was the cart’s design. This refers to the level of finely detailed put in place to ensure a cart is an appealing tool, from the color scheme to the choice of lines and accents to its material selection.

The next criteria considered was its beach mobility. How easy was it to move each cart along the beach? This could be inferred from the customer reviews that describe their experience smiling, pulling or struggling with these carts.

Beach Utility Cart

Additionally, the third criteria we used in reaching our decision was the carts’ durability.

This criterion refers to the strength of the cart to withstand stress and varying load capacities while working in the moist beach environment.

Its extent can be decided from a mixture of material specification and customers’ quality experience reviews.

The fourth criteria used was the cart’s affordability, stemming from the financial implications each cart poses in the light of their individual capabilities and features.

From all indications available, the BeachMall Wonder Wheeler Beach Utility Cart was designed to attract design conscious beach enthusiasts.

This particular cart ranked as the best in most categories, save for its affordability. This, however, could not affect its stance as a distinguished beach utility cart. It currently sells for a moderately priced $74.99 on Amazon.

Beach Mall as its name implies is a one-stop shop for all beach gears.

The brand has actively built is reputation by cross-selling its various high-quality beach gears and ensuring their designs are aesthetically astonishing while being innovative in their capabilities.

BeachMall Wonder Wheeler Beach Utility Cart Key Features

BeachMall Wonder Wheeler Beach Utility Cart Reviews Roundup

BeachMall Wonder Wheeler Beach Utility Cart Key Features

This BeachMall cart packs in its confines a punch large enough to withstand all competitors within its niche market.

It’s thoroughly thought through design process has made it have immense competitive advantages, hence it offers the following key features:

#Aesthetic appeal

The cart’s primary structure is designed after the baby stroller, however, the designers of this cart have taken a beach cart a tad further by including the sleek contrasting color set of Black Fabric on Silver Mist frame.

Its mesh is a silver fine fabric that is lined with black fabric at the top. Additionally, it sports a black insulated carriage bag that sits close to the padded handle and an umbrella carriage close to the rear wheel.

beach cart


This carts frame is constructed solely from steel known for its light weight and high tensile strength, thus offering the entire cart its light weight of 12.8 lbs. with a carrying capacity of 77 lbs.

The steel frame is powder coated silver mist to provide protection from the elements prevalent in humid beaches.

The cart rolls on large rear wheels of 10″ Dia. x 4″ wide dimensions.

This allows for easy rolling on the sand which is better in comparison to narrower wheels.

Thus preventing the wheels from sinking or plowing in the sand.

#Ease of Assembly:

Interestingly, this is one of the few carts reviews that use Snap-On features for the wheel and other detachable parts, thereby making its assembly and disassembly the easiest for a cart of its size.

The cart also folds easily to fit in the trunk of a regular sized sedan.

#Storage capacity

When folded, the cart’s dimensions (inches) are 37H x 16W x 8D, when open wide, its dimensions (inches) are 39.5 H x 16 W x 28.8 D.

It contains about 15 cubic feet of storage space, thereby making it ideal for hauling various gear types.

BeachMall Wonder Wheeler Beach Utility Cart Reviews Roundup

When we tested this cart, it became very evident that the online reviews were 100% accurate as the aesthetic appeal of this cart was mind-blowing.

Although some reviewers mentioned that the umbrella holder constantly touched the bigger rear tires which made a rather discomforting sound.

Beach Utility Cart review

This meant that in their case, the umbrella holder could not be used.

However, this issue was not noticed during out testing the product.

Additionally, it was observed that the cart was very strong, sturdy and durable over the one-week long use.

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We noticed the cart folded up easily into a thickness of about 8 inches or less which is really great if you are going to the beach outing with the entire family and need as much space as possible in the trunk of the car.

Hence it is highly recommended for purchase.

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