Best Beach Cart For Soft Sand 2019 (Review with Guide)

beach cart for sand

Are you like the vast majority of beach lovers who suddenly feel a buzzkill when they realize they are in over their head when planning a beach outing, paralyzed by the thoughts of mobility on the beach? This beach cart for soft sand would ease your plights.

Or are you like some others that do not dread the beach for that reason because they already own some beach carts, but they are paralyzed by the thought of strenuously pulling all their gears across the vast sandy beach expanse until they get to their preferred spot? This scenario is just as debilitating as the first instance.

No one should ever have to give up their leisure, family time or ample team building opportunities because of a few glitches that might be inherent.

Beach Cart For Soft Sand

As an addition, there already exist innovative solutions to solve this kind of problems, but the linchpin is locating these outstanding solutions.

Although overridden by multiple potential solutions claiming to solve the beach cart for soft sand problem online.

We resorted to conducting private research in view of establishing which cart worked best in this terrain and what caused its distinction.

We chose the reputable to be our host site for the research.

In view of executing a rather democratic approach to ranking our findings, we defined certain selection criteria to be used in informing our decision about the best beach cart for soft sand.

The first criteria established was the ease of mobility – considering the fact that our major consideration is mobility on the sandy beach terrain, we used this first metric to figure how easily a cart strode along the ocean’s shore.

The second criteria used was the modularity – modularity refers to the ease of assembly and disassembling the various members of the carts, thus the time-saving potential the carts possess.

Beach Cart

Additionally, the third criteria we established was the cart’s capacity which referred to the amount of storage space each cart offers, a measure of their efficiency in beach trips.

Lastly, the fourth criteria we considered was durability – how sturdy are these carts and how would their materials fare in the face of the prevailing weather conditions at the beach and under pressure from the luggage carries.

Nevertheless, considering the aesthetically appealing design infused into the Tommy Bahama 2016 All Terrain Cart, it can be seen to cater to a broad range of customers.

All with one joining thread – they are beach lovers, regardless of their age. Thus becoming a popular beach cart for soft sand.

This beach cart ranked top on most metrics and ranked second place on aesthetics, however, was deemed the most effective for beach sand. It is currently sold on the Tommy Bahama store on Amazon for $75.82.

Tommy Bahama is a popular brand among outdoor folks as the firm has consistently offered high quality and fashionable items and gears to ease and make their customer’s outdoor experience more remarkable.

In recent years, its brand reputation has skyrocketed with the introduction of more customer friendly and innovative products.

Tommy Bahama’s Beach Cart For Soft Sand Key Features

As a testament to the success of Tommy Bahama’s design concept for a beach cart for soft sand, this All Terrain Cart sport multiple features to make its use memorable yet easy and seamless.

This features can be categorized into:


the entire frame used in constructing this cart uses heavy-duty steel frames that are reputed for immense tensile strength and light weight, thus bringing the carts load carrying capacity to 100 lbs.

The entire steel frame is powder coated to ensure weather resistance and corrosion resistance, hence strengthening the carts longevity.

beach cart sand wheels

#Storage Capacity

This vertically aligned cart has a storage capacity of 15 cubic feet, enabling it to exceed all your packing needs.

So whenever you are going to the beach, be rest assured that everything would go into the cart;

Your beach bag, cooler, umbrella, folding lounger, queen-sized comforter etc. even if you are considering all our snorkeling gear, towels, and chairs, there is ample room in this cart for them.

This cart also has a removable insulated cargo bag attached to the handle for carrying supplies such as food items or water that needs proper insulation.

This insulated bag also has zippered side pouches for keeping little items such as cutlery, mobile phones or other handy devices.

#Easy Mobility

The cart has two 10″ wheels on the rear end for better cushioning the ride on the silty sand while the smaller front wheels are tiltable.

The cart’s handle is cushioned or padded to reduce the impact of the resistance felt by the user when pushing the cart along the beach, thus supporting easy mobility.

Tommy Bahama’s Beach Cart For Soft Sand Reviews Roundup

After reading the 400+ customer reviews for this beach cart for soft sand, we were ready to test the cart ourselves and share our views.

Although some customer complained of broken parts upon delivery, the majority or reviewers about 64% gave the cart a five-star rating.

beach cart for sand

We quickly discovered that the cart was really spacious as it was able to accommodate all our needs from the car trunk.

It also provided a delightful riding experience as we pushed the cart along the beach sand effortlessly.

In summary, its haulage capacity of 100 lbs. is amazing and much needed when you are going to the beach with family or friends and the cart’s sand riding is impressive, particularly its 10 inch back tires.

Additionally, it was observed that the cart sported smaller dual steer front wheels of 4.5-inch diameter.

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When you couple all these desirable features with its attractive price point, you have a winner.

Hence this Tommy Bahama 2016 All Terrain Cart is a great buy for beach enthusiasts searching for a one-stop solution to all beach mobility needs.

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