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Barrel Bar

Whether you are a beverage of liquor fan, you must have encountered barrel-aged drinks at some point. Most often with their minty-piney flavor. This is achieved via a process called aging in which wine or liquor is stored in a barrel bar for some time for it to “mature” or “age”.

The barrel bars are made from wood strips bound together, better aroma and flavors are achieved in barrels made from American Oaks.

Although it sounds somewhat more superstitious than basic chemistry, in the older days when wood was the basic method for storing items, wine, brew, and every liquor were stored and served in wooden barrels and mugs respectively.

whiskey barrel bar

Over the course of time in which the wine or brew spent in the barrels, minute traces of oxygen enter the brew, a process currently known as micro-oxygenation.

Hereafter some part of the alcohol or water in the alcohol is lost due to evaporation, also changing the chemical composition of the brew.

Most importantly during the aging process, the brew absorbs considerable amounts of vanillin and wood tannins from the barrels they’re stored in.

This process alters their taste to a rather more earthen taste, thus the reason the process was named aging or maturing.

Currently, in the 21st century, it is common practice for consumers of wines, whiskey, beer, or spirits to crave the superior quality and aroma of barrel-aged beverages and consequently be open to spending more to have the luxury.

However, with the advent of a more financially aware population, it is becoming common for individuals to age or mature their own liquor in-house.

With the opportunity to own your own aging barrel made available by the rise of e-commerce and innovative brick and mortar stores, it became a rising practice among spirit lovers to own at least an aging barrel for personal use.

However, the level of customization sought by customers has been on the rise as a means of expressing themselves.

In a world with a population of almost 9 Billion, and every single person craving more money or control, it is little wonder the extents people go to make financial gains.

Some delve into counterfeiting which is basically creating substandard products labeled as originals for massive profits sakes.

Researching barrel bars left us with a plethora of barrels and little distinction. However stumbling upon the American Oak Barrel 2014 Barrel Bar, and reading its reviews, we realized it was a distinguished product.

To buttress our point of product distinction, we established specialized selection criteria that included:


In their 100% in-house facility, American Oak Barrel utilizes 100% American oak wood to construct the white oak staves to a precision that are then fitted perfectly around identical oak heads.

whiskey barrel

This construction is bound in place by 6 steel hoops manufactured in that same facility.

Furthermore, the inner walls of all the barrels have been lined with medium toast char to caramelize the oaks sugar for that desired liquor aroma and flavor.


utilizing the synergies from in-house production, the firm is able to turn over its highly customized orders in record time from order processing to art design, engraving, packaging etc.

The engraving process is done using a state of the art laser engraver with no ink used. It is calibrated for the delivery of consistent power and speed to the surface of the barrel head.

This creates an unparalleled gift item to your truly American friends.

#Brand Reputation

The firm American Oak Barrel has over the last decade been the most reputable brand in America as it was Maryland’s premier handcrafted oak barrel brand.

The brand can be seen sharing its ever increasing product base with customers in various festivals and gigs across the country.

Its product range includes Authentic Engraved Barrelheads, its keystone “Outlaw Kits”, Barrel Dog Collars, Mugs & Infusion Humidors.

Its demographic appeal and marketing is an all American strategy that attracts the most jovial and liquor friendly adults to take a dive into the world of barrel aged drinks.

When compared to its competitors, this barrel has made a distinction by their brand disposition and so rank better on all metrics. It is currently sold for $64.95 on Amazon.

American Oak Barrel 2014 Barrel Bar Key Features

American Oak Barrel 2014 Barrel Bar Reviews Roundup

American Oak Barrel 2014 Barrel Bar Key Features

#Storage size

Against the popularly represented barrel sizes of 200 liters used in commercial distilleries, this amazing barrel from AOB comes in at 2 Liters.

Barrel Bar Review

The reason for this considerably smaller barrel is because it is designed for personal use and aimed at achieving a greater fluid to surface area contact with the charred oak interior

This larger surface area ensures the drink matures 10 times faster than if in a 200 liters barrel.

Hence maturity and stellar spirit quality can be achieved in as little as 4 weeks.


The print quality achieved by the state of the art laser engraver present in the AOB facility makes their barrels stand out.

These processes are executed using industry leading standards while delivering distinct barrels American

Oak Barrel 2014 Barrel Bar Reviews Roundup

Considering it’s 77% 5 of 5-star rating from its 230+ customers review, it is evident how outstanding the products quality has been in exceeding clients expectations.

Upon testing the product personally, we observed the craftsmanship in designing and customizing the barrels were exquisite.

Barrel Bar

Additionally, the taste of the whiskey was very refined and tasty after 4 weeks, thus validating the company’s claim.

So whether you’re a lover of whiskey, rum or bourbon, or have a loved one who is taking this dive with us and have an amazingly customized distilling project.

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Make drinking a memorable event or an anticipated one in your household and with your loved ones by delving into this priceless art of distilling your own brew with your customized barrel bars.

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