The Best Kester XL Barbeque Cart Review 2019 (Best Choice)

bbq cart with wheels

Who does not love barbeque in this 21st century protein-dependent world? Literally, almost every American craves the savory taste of freshly spiced and roasted barbeque regardless of its preparation location- indoors or outdoors. and barbeque cart is the safest and most healthy way to make your scintillating protein food.

Whether you are a first-time barbeque enthusiast or a lifelong fan of the food, you surely have a need for this cart.

More importantly, should you be a people’s person that is constantly swarmed by visitors and neighbors, this amazing barbeque cart would make your relaxation time on your patio or deck worth every second.

Barbeque Cart

Also, as there currently is no end to the level of innovation that the BBQ cart scene is bound to receive in the years to come due to technological advancements.

Keter, the global leader of resin-based household and garden consumer product manufacturing has latched onto this trend.

Barbeque carts come in various shapes, sizes and even hues however there exist little variations when it comes to quality.

The most outstanding solution to these outdoor barbeque cooking problem often stems from in-depth research into customer plights and issues encountered during the cooking and this is what separates the winners from the losers.

A plethora of products exist in this niche however certain selective characteristics distinguish the market leaders from the crowd and some of these criteria are listed below:


This refers to the extent of consideration given to using fully functional and hardy materials and failure-proof processes in product design, thereby ensuring their longevity and the minimalization of the probability of an incidence occurrence.

#Storage space

Given its use primarily in the outdoors, it would be thoughtful to consider the volume of storage space this cart offers owners, thereby validating the purchase of an XL barbeque cart.

best bbq cart


This is concerned with the ability of this barbeque cart to be adapted to various scenarios and be useful and handy.

Whether used indoors or outdoors, this cart should be able to store and accommodate various items.


This refers to the amount of money the product is tagged at in comparison to the cost it brings and those offered by similar products.

It doesn’t necessarily rank lower cost carts higher especially when considering their various value proposition say storage space, finishing etc.

Keter is an innovative hardware company that thoughtfully combines the durability of plastic, peculiar design and unmatched functionality in every single product.

Keter has founded over 60 years ago and has a sales presence in over 100 countries and annual sales of over $1 Billion.

The firm designs multi award-winning products that currently are distributed to over 25,000 retail outlets.

It can be inferred from the overall cart design that the target market is professionals that are passionate about gardening, whether married or single.

This cart gives you ample storage room containing two secure cabins and one fully functional stainless steel top.

Against all the metrics proposed and analyzed this Keter Xl Barbeque cart exceeded our expectations, thereby easing our decision making. It currently sells on the Keter Amazon for $177.51

Keter Xl Barbeque cart Key Features

Keter Xl Barbeque cart Reviews Roundup

Keter Xl Barbeque Indoor Outdoor Entertainment BBQ Storage cart Key Features


This outstanding barbeque cart frame is not made of wood. It is made of wood-like heavy duty weather resistant resins that can last over 20 years without physical degradation in quality as opposed to their less durable predecessor, natural wood.

The topmost part of this cart is constructed of 430 stainless steel and it serves as the serving table and kitchen preparation station.

Also, this stainless countertop can withstand over 110 lbs. of weight exerted during cooking or serving.

bbq cart

#Storage space

Storage space is a major thing to consider when barbeque cart shopping because it determines just how much supplies such as drinks and spices can be stored at any one time outdoor.

The dimension of the entire cart is 53.1 in. L x 20.4 in. W x 35.4 in. H. which contains 78 gallons of storage space.

Interestingly, of the available storage space, 54 gallons are closable with actual locks while the remaining 24 gallons are open storage.

This storage space offers an easy way to store either kitchen utensils like spoons, napkins, and plates in readiness for a party! Or you could store your garden supplies, depending on what needs the cart was purchased to meet.


From the design of this cart, versatility has been at its core center as it offers sidebars for holding paper towels, spice rack and bottle opener holder for holding and storing spices and openers in readiness for a barbeque party.

Additionally, its 430 heavy duty grade stainless steel top provides users with sufficient preparation and barbeque serving space. The stainless steel nature also ensures it can be easily cleaned; with just a swipe.

bbq review


Although bulky, the design of this frame ensures some degree of customization to suit customer’s various needs.

To aid mobility of the barbeque cart on the grassy outdoors, the cart sports adjustable legs.

The adjustable legs ensure the cart remains stable even though it lies on uneven surfaces.

Use the cart as rolling garden storage as you tote any heavy gardening items around the yard and still have an even surface to work on.

Two of the cart’s four adjustable legs sports wheels that can be used to move heavy gardening items around the garden or to the patio while in search of the perfect serving place.

Furthermore, this cart can be used in the garden when mobile gardening stations are needed.

Keter Xl Barbeque Indoor Outdoor Entertainment BBQ Storage cart Reviews Roundup

The stellar aesthetic appeal of this cart coupled with the various functional features this cart sport leaves it as the best selling product in the Potting Benches & Tables section on Amazon.

It XL size ensures users have ample space to put things and wrap ribs when barbequing.

One of the first things we noticed while testing this cart in person was the fact that assembling it was very easy and straightforward when considering the cart’s size.

bbq cart with wheels

No unnecessary intricacies or complications, its setup was succinct and it can be completed in less than 1 hour.

We also noticed that the final product was very sturdy and durable in comparison to the constituent parts from which it was made.

It is also very stylish and an impeccable complement to every yard, garden or patio.

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More than 50% of users rated it a five star, however, the majority of the other ratings were due to shipping damage and poor packaging.

Nevertheless, this product is an amazing buy and it saves the trees.

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